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Stone Ridge Asset Management

Stone Ridge Asset Management

Stone Ridge Asset Management (founded 2012) is a private asset management company based in New York City, New York.[1] The firm serves primarily institutional investors and focuses on alternative risk exposures, including investments in cryptocurrencies.[2][3] One of its subsidiaries include New York Digital Investment Group, which mainly focuses on blockchain investments.[5][8]


Stone Ridge Asset Management was founded in 2012 by Robert Gutmann, Yan Zhao, and Ross Stevens, who remains as the company's Chief Executive Officer. The firm focuses on alternative risk exposure while delivering diversified return streams. Their team is comprised of people from various backgrounds, including academia, capital markets, and alternative asset management. On their website, they state,

"Our investor solutions facilitate access to and execution of complex strategies, making them accessible and cost-effective."


Stone Ridge Asset Management's funds are primarily sold to institutional investors who are United States residents, including Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) that have completed an educational program given by the firm.[3]

On October 13, 2020, it was announced by Stone Ridge Asset Management that they had acquired 10,000 Bitcoin worth $115 million.

According to the firm, this would be the company's "primary treasury reserve asset."[9]


Stone Ridge Asset Management has 85 employees hired.[4] The team's leadership consists of Ross Stevens, who is the Chief Executive Officer.

Samuel Donat sits as the Chief Operating Officer. Dan Fleder is Head of Risk. Paul Germain is the Head of Alternative Lending. Ben Lawsky is the Head of Regulatory Affairs. Alexander Nyren is head of Reinsurance. Jim Rothwell is Chief Administrative Officer and head of legal. Tomer Seifan is the head of Structured Investments. Lastly, Yan Zhao is the Head of Flourish.[2]

New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG)

A screenshot of NYDIG's landing page.

A screenshot of NYDIG's landing page.

In 2017, Stone Ridge Asset Management's Ross Stevens and Robert Gutmann founded the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), as a means to further expand into alternative investments, particularly in blockchain.[6] The company offers services to institutional clients for various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.[9] Custodial service options include self custody, contracting third parties for custody services, or contracting NYDIG Trust of NYDIG Execution for custodial services.[8]


Around early October of 2020, NYDIG acquired Etale, a firm that specializes in order management software.

Companies including Coinbase Pro, Gemini, and itBit use Etale. NYDIG plans to implement the firm's tech into its own services, as a way to make them available to clients.[5]


On October 13, 2020, NYDIG announced that they had raised $50 million in funding in a round led by VC fund FinTech Collective, and with Bessemer Ventures, and Ribbit Capital.


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