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Steven Li is the founder of The Rising, a publication that covers climate change and its impacts on technology and business. Formerly, he co-founded Youth Business Collective,[2] which he led to over 50,000 readers while he attended high school. Today, he's the youngest member of the Global Business Coalition for Education's Youth Skills and Innovation Council,[3] a fellow at Stanford University's Designership Institute,[4] and a contributing writer at Influencive, where he covers the stories of successful young entrepreneurs and social issues that impact young people. He currently studies Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, the fifth-ranked Computer Science program in the nation.

Early Life and Activities

Steven was born in Austin, Texas, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he began 2nd grade and finished his high school education. The difference between where he was born and the Silicon Valley compelled Steven to level the playing field for youth. He operated under the belief that if he couldn't bring a kid to the Silicon Valley, he'd "bring Silicon Valley to the kid" through business and technology education. This disparity inspire him to start companies.

His start in business was through DECA, and being grateful for the opportunity yet believing that the educational process was too expensive and decentralized, he decided to instead found his own non-profit organization. Steven looked up to Andrew Yang, founder of Venture for America, and his work inspired Steven to pursue work in social entrepreneurship.

Work and Leadership

Steven works at The Rising, an environmental publication, where he heads up content distribution. His work has been featured twice by Forbes, once in the Forbes 30 Under 30 [8] and the other by the Forbes Coaches Council.[7]

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