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Steven Bertrand is a Canadian ​ teenager who after an argument with the Special constable ​ was shot inside of a courthouse in Maniwaki ​. [1] [2]

Julia Bertrand with her son, Steven Bertrand.


Bertrand was born and raised in Canada ​. He is a native of Quebec ​ and lives in the city of Maniwaki ​ where he lives his mother, Julie. [3]

Courthouse Shooting

On Wednesday, January 31st, 2018, at around 1 p.m., Bertrand was at a courthouse to hear his sentencing for a felony when an argument with the Special constable ​ ensued and led to Bertrand to be shot in the head by the police officer. [8]

The argument started when Bertrand told the Officer he wanted to have a

Video of the courthouse incident that led to the shooting of Steven Bertrand.

cigarette outside but the officer refused to let him out to the courtyard. [9] ​ Bertrand then became really aggressive and violent towards the officer in the altercation. At one point, Bertrand was able to get the telescopic stick of the Police Officer and used it against him by whacking him in the head. [10]

A group of guards then came and encircled the struggle between the officer and Bertrand. [11] ​ They managed to get Bertrand into a room where one of the officers took the opportunity and shot him in the head. [12]

Photo of Steven Bertrand at the hospital.

His mother, Julie Bertrand, and his cousin, Christopher Lacaille, were present at the courthouse along with Bertrand. The two family relatives of Steven Bertrand witnessed the shooting. [13]


Bertrand was taking to the hospital where he has been hospitalized. The bullet missed his eye and brain by a few centimeters and is expected to recover. His mother, Julie has shared photos of Steven on her Facebook. [14]


The Independent Investigations Office ​ (EIB) officers have started an

Photo of Steven Bertrand shared by his mother of the injuries that he received from the shooting.

investigation into the shooting that nearly killed Steven Bertrand. [15] [16]

Viral Video

On January 31st, 2018, hours after the incident took place at the Maniwaki courthouse, a video of the confrontation between the police officers and Steven Bertrand was uploaded on Facebook. [17] ​ Most of the entire confrontation is seen on camera including the reactions of his mother, Julie, cousin, Christopher Lacaille. Lacaille is the person who video recorded the entire confrontation. [18] [19]

The video was posted on Facebook by a user named Alex Gagnon. He leaves a leaves a post with the video shot by Lacaille that says, translated from French [20] ​:

"A security guard at courthouse shot Steven Bertrand at 18!!!
Credit: Chris Lacaille | filmed by: Chris Lacaille
Stay strong man!! Share Deep!!

(I don't know the guy, I'm just fais the video to see it as much as possible in Quebec)" [21]

The video has received more than 4k shares and has been seen by more than 1.1 million people. [22]

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