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Eric Hunter Roth , better known as SQUNTO (pronounced SKWUN-TOE), is an American Electronic Music Producer and DJ who is originally from Massachusetts ​. [7] ​ His nickname is the Bass Dragon and he is known for his MegaChop ​ mixes. [9] [1]


Squnto and Boogie T ​ going B2B at Red Rocks ​. He is wearing a Dipitus ​ shirt.

Roth grew up in Holliston, MA. [7] ​ He started playing music in fourth grade; first the trumpet, then the bass guitar, then some piano and drums before moving to electronic production. [12] [13] ​ What pushed Roth towards electronic production was listening to Rusko (musician) ​ and his song "Woo Bass." [13]

Roth was never one for academics and was not happy in college. [12] ​ After being academically served for poor grades and being readmitted upon writing a letter, Roth realized school was not for him. [12] ​ In addition, Roth was as passionate skateboarder and longboarder throughout his youth as well, but decided to put it aside to pursue music music full-time. [13] [12]

Roth chose the name SQUNTO which alludes to "squnt" and "squnting", something him and his friends made up in high school. [13] ​ Also Squnto parodies other artists names who seem to be made up words such as Caspa ​, Rusko ​, and Benga. [13] ​ SQUNTO chooses the dragon to represent him and his brand due to what the dragon represents on a spiritual level. [13]


SQUNTO would grow in prominence from being featured in blogs and music channels such as The Dub Rebellion. [10] [11] [9] ​ One such popular mix was his Megachop Vol. 1 has nearly 100K views that was a slightly modified version of the sets I played at Animalz in Paris and 50 Hurtz in Amsterdam.​ [9] ​ Squnto has gone on to play festivals around the world such as EDC Las Vegas. He has performed a number of B2B sets with Boogie T ​. [14]

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