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Spencer Young was born March 3rd, 1997 in New York General Hospital to Brian and Nathalie Young. He is the older brother of Marcus Young ​ and Emma Young ​.


Spencer spent his formative years on Long Island and South Florida. Spencer became immediately interested in computers when he got his first PC and a copy of Rome: Total War ​ for Christmas in 2004. Spencer and his siblings also enjoyed playing with their cat Cubby. Spencer enjoyed playing strategy games and sports, including soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and football.


Spencer was part of the inaugural freshman class at Oxbridge Academy ​ and took electives in computer science. After graduating in 2015, he enrolled into the University of Wisconsin- Madison ​ to study computer science and economics. Spencer first learned about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2015 after reading about Bitcoin ​ online.

Work History

Spencer's first job was creating a manual for SnappSkinn Inc. in 2013. Also, he began tutoring in math and other subjects privately until he graduated high school. After starting college, Spencer worked for WIDA Consortium ​ Client Services Center his freshman year answering phone calls and emails from teachers around the country. Later, Spencer worked at Citrix Systems as an Information Security Analyst where he built full stack Python programs for the security department. Spencer briefly worked for the Office of Human Resources at UW-Madison, but left after a few months because he felt undervalued. In the holiday season of 2017 Spencer worked as a United Parcel Service ​ Holiday Helper because he was bored at home.


Currently, Spencer is a leading member of Badger Blockchain [1] ​and participates in their events regularly. He enjoys following crypto-currencies and blockchain developments closely and wants to spread awareness of it's potential.

Notable Achievements

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