Slim Jesus

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Slim Jesus (born Clarence Smith on April 10, 1997) is a rapper. He gained fame in 2015 after releasing his hit single "Drill Time" in August 2015. [5]

Early Life

Slim Jesus was compared to Caillou

Slim Jesus was raised on the east side of Hamilton, Ohio ​. During his adolescent years, his parents moved to the west side. [7]


During his teenage years, Slim Jesus became a drill trap ​ artist. Initially, his friends used to call by his first name, Swag Jesus, but the name evolved into Slim Jesus before gaining fame in 2015..

In August 2015, he released a song called "Drill Time." The song's accompanying music video gained hundreds of thousands of views in a short period of time.

According to Slim Jesus, Bossip ​ wrote an article that made the music video go viral. [10] ​ Afterward, without any promotion from Slim, the song was shared all over social media and other multimedia platforms. [7]

In September 2015, Slim Jesus released a song entitled "Buck Buck."

Personal Life


The Slim Jesus/Dewey comparison

After receiving publicity, Internet users started making memes comparing him to Caillou ​ and Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle .

One of his rap inspirations is fellow drill rapper Chief Keef. [+]

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