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SiIvaGunner , originally called GiIvaSunner (both spelled with a capital "i") is a collaborative satirical YouTube ​ channel parodying the YouTube channel "GilvaSunner" (with a lowercase L rather than a capital i) which was created by Chaze the Chat. It uploads songs that are generally made to look like they are direct rips from video games, although altered to contain Internet memes ​, jokes, and parodies. As of November 2017, the SiIvaGunner channel has over 200 million views, despite only having just over 190,000 subscribers. [8] ​ The channel is known for having a rather close Cult following ​ as seen in the comment section to its videos, which is likely the reason for the disproportionate numbers.


The original SilvaGunner (spelled with a lowercase L) was created March 7, 2008 by Az Elias. He uploaded rips until 2010, when his account was suspended. Using his alternate account, SilvaGunner2, [9] ​ he uploaded a video with an explanation as to what happened. He retired from uploading shortly after, and left to join a British video game review website called Cubed3. Two other channels that uploaded rips, TimmyTurnersDad and BrawlBRSTMs3, decided to make a tribute channel, GilvaSunner. Less than a year after GilvaSunner's creation, TimmyTurnersDad's channel was suspended due to copyright strikes, and BrawlBRSTMs3 left the GilvaSunner channel to become TimmyTurnersDad's main channel.

The actual SiIvaGunner organization itself was not created until January 2016, with a YouTube channel named GiIvaSunner. [10] ​ Its original intent was to be an impostor of the GilvaSunner channel. The only difference in the name at this point was that the L was an I. The channel would drag people in by pretending to have legitimate video game rips, only to turn out to involve Internet memes. Despite it being a bait and switch ​, it became somewhat popular among fans of video game music and Internet memes.Eventually though, on April 6, 2016, the channel was terminated due an alleged violation of YouTube's Terms of Service. [11] [12] ​​ On March 5, 2016, the GiIvaSunner channel launched an alternate account named SiIvaGunner.

After failing to retrieve the the original channel, the GiIvaSunner team re-launched with the SiIvaGunner account later in April 2016. [13] ​ It began re-uploading old rips and making new ones at a rapid pace. Though the channel openly stated in an announcement that it would be ending on September 30th, 2016, [14] ​ it continues to upload rips today.

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