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The Siege of Ragnarok 25 [2] was the last major virtual battle to take place on the old official (legacy) servers in the action adventure survival game Ark: Survival Evolved and was possibly the longest battle to ever take place in a video game. The siege was approximately 45 days of continuous struggle between the Spartans/Legacy Alliance as defenders and the temporary coalition between RAMBO and BLDX alliances alongside various other entities on the attacking side. The 45 days long siege involved over 750 characters and 70 players out of 70 available slots on the server Ragnarok 25. The siege was the culmination of The Great War on the old legacy servers that at the beginning of the siege was already raging on for 10 months.

The fight was a result of a chain of battles on the Spartan/Legacy servers 402 [3] ​ and 682 by BLDX as a response to the Spartan's attack on one of the BLDX allied tribes "Smurfs". Before the fall of servers 402 [4] ​ and 686, the Spartans/Legacy alliance managed to evacuate most of their assets such as dinosaurs, sniper rifles, a huge amount of ammunition, armor and other supplies to their main server Ragnarok 25. Within days of the evacuation on July 16th 2017, the BLDX Alliance sent a small logistics squad to build an initial Forward Operating Base (FOB) and prepare defenses to repel any counter-attacks from the Spartans/Legacy Alliance till the main BLDX forces start pouring into the server.

Within hours of the initial FOB deployment, the server was already full sitting at 70/70 player slots. Small skirmishes and raids occurred throughout the server as BLDX squads were taking down every vulnerable base they saw. At the last days of the battle 29-31st August, the developers of 'Ark: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard announced that they will stop any further customer service to the old legacy servers and start shutting down low population servers as a preparation for official launch of the game from early access and releasing new servers. The siege ended with BLDX/RAMBO establishing control over the rest of the map and Spartans/Legacy successfully withstanding the 45 days long siege even though they were already running low on supplies. The losses in dinosaurs totalled at approximately 882 (Brontosaurs, Rexes and Paracers) along with hundreds of other smaller dinosaurs.


Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival survival dinosaurs game in which the players have the freedom to do whatever they want such as raids, mining, crafting, large-scale warfare, breeding, taming, brewing and a lot more. Players can form tribes (the equivalent of guilds, clans or alliances in other video games) which can formally band together into Alliances. Most of the time these alliances will group together and create informal coalitions to ensure their survival, achieve a common goal or wipe out their enemies. Despite having a prevalence of complex network of alliances and coalitions, there is no in-game mechanic that supports cross-server alliances or coalitions. The game mechanics allow only for an alliance to be made on the server two tribes are currently residing on. With the release of the Scorched Earth DLC a new game mechanic was introduced - cross-ark transfers which allowed the players to transfer stuff between servers which led to the beginning of ''The Great War''. That was the first large-scale conflict to ever take place in the game and it started in the middle of September 2016 after the invasion on server 131 by VDD and their ally CG against the Vanguard Coalition. The conflict saw the fall of 3 alliances and ultimately ended with the Siege of Ragnarok 25 just to be reignited on the new servers after the game's official launch in August 29, 2017. A few weeks before the siege, Spartans and some of their allies from AOP (Alliance of Power) waged a 2 weeks long siege on the recently removed tribe Carebears from the Alliance of Power which was a response to a drama between the leaders of the alliance members Blood Knights and Carebears. The siege ended with a peace treaty due to the never changing stalemate and both sides wanting to build up on the the recently released map "Ragnarok" which has one of the most impenetrable locations for a base giving the defenders a huge advantage over the attacker.


Beginning of the Siege

With the successful invasions of by BLDX on 402 [5] ​ and 686, the Spartans/Legacy alliance were losing more and more territory. After the fall of them they had already evacuated most of their assets to their last remaining stronghold [6] ​ on server Ragnarok 25. Within days of the lose of their servers, BLDX had already assembled an initial Forward Operating Base (FOB) at coordinates 28 lat and 45 longitude on Ragnarok 25 but barely had any defenses. In the next few days more and more BLDX forces poured into the server bringing turrets (Auto-Turrets are the main defense for a base as they shoot everything in their range including projectiles like rockets and grenades making it a perfect choice)and metal structures to fortify the vulnerable forward operating base and prepare for the onslaught. [7]

The Siege of Ragnarok 25

With their main FOB now secured, BLDX realized they wouldn't be able to transport dinosaurs from their FOB to the Spartans/Legacy stronghold which was located on the "Great Plateaus" due to the sheer distance and difficult terrain they decided to deploy a second forward operating base right at the doorstep of the stronghold and use the main FOB as a backup and storage. The Spartans/Legacy forces quickly mobilized to prevent the attackers from deploying the 2nd FOB and with having a huge advantage of being on a plateau while the BLDX forces were at the bottom, they started to successfully stop any attempt of building a fob by putting BLDX and their allies under constant heavy sniper fire from the plateau. After approximately two days of fierce fighting and constant losses for BLDX and their allies, they sounded the retreat back to their main FOB to replenish their supplies and come up with a new plan. Meanwhile the defenders decided to chase the BLDX forces back to their main forward operating base and start harrasing them by using kamikazes who would be carried by another player flying a Pteranotodon to a high altitude to remain hidden, the kamikaze would be equipped with a rocket launcher and cheap piece of armor and small amount of rockets. The goal was to destroy as many turrets as possible before dying from them. Even though this tactic didn't inflict any major losses to BLDX and their allies, it showed that the Spartans/Legacy alliance will not let them have it easy and they would fight for every inch of their server. On the next day, BLDX will finally manage to deploy their second fob right at the doorstep of the plateaus. With their 2nd forward operating base now secured, they started downloading (The process of downloading something for the ARK Cloud by using a TEK Transmitter, Obelisk or a randomly spawned Drops, the ARK Cloud has a 24 hour timer that deletes everything that stays uploaded for more than 24 hours) more and more of dinosaurs like Brontosaurs, T-Rexes and Paracers which were uploaded by their logistics team on their breeding servers. Dinosaurs like Brontos and Paracers have a large HP pool which makes them excellent for soaking auto-turret bullets. People would spend months until they have a good bloodline as every Bronto, T-Rex and Paracer takes 3 real time days of constant feeding to get the baby dinosaur to a fully grown dino.

It would take BLDX/RAMBO several days of stockpiling enough Brontos and Paracers so they can continuously soak auto-turrets without having to transfer more dinosaurs. Meanwhile that was happening, skirmishes and small scale raids were happening all across the server as BLDX and their allies were taking down any base they saw and quickly transport any loot to their main staging FOB. In a matter of days the Spartans/Legacy had lost all of their smaller bases pushing them back to their main base on the great plateaus region. Soon after BLDX/RAMBO forces started using Paracers and Brontos to push towards the Spartans/Legacy stronghold and begin soaking the turrets of a small outpost that was right at the doorstep of the stronghold. Destroying the small outpost was their top priority as it would allow them to deploy a third forward operating base to be used as a middle point between the 2nd FOB and the stronghold. After days of fierce fighting and heavy losses for the BLDX/RAMBO side they finally breached into the small outpost and quickly demolished it by using C4 explosives. This was the moment when the stalemate began as the BLDX/RAMBO forces couldn't push any further due to the constant harras by the defenders using Therizinos which is a "mini T-Rex" they would use them to kill any unprotected player that was outside the 3rd fob and taking home whatever they found. Meanwhile on the attacker's side it quickly became clear that the lack of organization will lead to their defeat, in response to that several people started orchestrating small "pushes" of 5-10 Paracers ridden by other players and within a couple of days they had finally pushed up the ramp that leads to the entrance of the Spartans/Legacy stronghold. With every inch of territory gained, there would be BLDX troops demolishing any enemy foundations which were used to prevent them building in a set area. That's because any structure in the game makes an area where the building is blocked unless you own it. After pushing a little bit further, the stalemate quickly returned as BLDX/RAMBO's progression was halted due to the lack of any cover for their snipers, they became an easy prey for the defending snipers. [9]

With that in mind, it became clear the need of a 4th FOB that would built right next to the ramp. Within days of fighting for every inch of land the BLDX/RAMBO forces finally had their 4th forward operating base deployed. But a major problem during the entire siege for the attackers was that they were always under constant sniper fire from above as they were below the plateau. In order to gain equal footing in that area, they built a tall tower that would be on the same level as the plateau allowing BLDX/RAMBO snipers to give cover fire for their fellow mates on the ground. With the sniper tower in place, the two sides started fortifying their side of the field by using gates and foundations to prevent the enemy from building there and stop dinosaurs like Brontos and Paracers from pushing as they are not able to move through a small gate. A week later, the no man land between the two sides became more apparent as there would be small skirmishes in the no man land by players trying to demolish the other side's foundations. While all of that was happening, spies from the Spartans/Legacy alliance successfully conducted 2 sabotages against their 2nd and 3rd FOB by shutting down the generators which keep the turrets online and also stealing weapons and supplies. In the middle of August due to the already almost month long stalemate, BLDX/RAMBO forces pushed on the left side of the ramp to build a final 5th forward operating base which was right under the plateau. They began using Rock Golems put on a Quetzal(the bigger version of pteranotodon) to soak the turrets on that side of the plateau and eventually gain a foothold there by deploying a 6th FOB directly in their stronghold. After numerous attempts that failed and demoralised from the more than month long stalemate the main BLDX forces would start to give up and pack up their gear to leave the server. As the BLDX leadership became more desperate, they began inviting everyone to the battle without any background checks they got themselves into a huge amount of enemy spies and weapons and dinosaurs were slowly being stolen.

At the end of the siege BLDX had already given up and the final strike came by the Spartan's spy "CFR" who had gotten into the tribe and given administrator roles allowing him to kick everyone from the attacker's tribe and demolish the 4th and 5th fobs. With new servers coming after the official launch of the game, BLDX/RAMBO alliances and other tribes involved with the siege had some of their members leaving the server out of boredom. With all hopes lost BLDX/RAMBO and other allies remained fighting on the field but it was no longer to achieve a strategic goal but rather have fun until the new servers launch. And at August 30th Studio Wildcard released their new servers marking the premature end of the siege without a clear winner as all alliances were moving to the new servers and abandoning the old legacy ones.


With the end of the siege on August 31st over 756 characters had participated in the battle. The battle included over 27 unique tribes and involved 3. The siege took around 45 days from start to end and could potentially be the longest PvP battle in any video game. The 45 days long siege resulted in the loss of ~154 Brontosaurs ~148 Rexes ~70 Paracers ~132 Pteranotodons and 322 other dinos for the Spartans/Legacy alliance while on the attacker's side the losses included ~273 Brontosaurs ~162 Rexes ~75 Paracers ~140 Pteranotodons and ~ 452 other dinos. The total amount of weapons and supplies that were lost during the siege come in the outstanding 150 818 C4 explosives, 22 128 Element, 477 888 Metal Arrows, 248 614 Flame Arrows, 771 880 Sniper Ammunition, 1227 Sniper Rifles and 319 Compound Bows. The siege set the stage for the next chapter of The Great War that would continue on the new servers with 3 unique alliances coming on the stage - BLDX, RAMBO and N3. Most of the tribes that fought in the siege kept their allegiance to the one side or another.

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