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Shannon Stirone is a Freelance​ Writer​ who specializes in Science​ and Art history​. [1]


Shannon Stirone graduated from Sonoma State University​ with a Bachelor's degree​ in Art history,​ Criticism and Conservation in the class of 2009. [4]


Stirone has written for Popular science​, Wired (magazine)​, The Atlantic​ and The New York Times​. [1]​ She writes about Astronomy​ such as the Kepler-1625b​'s Exomoon​, Nebula​ photos and Earth​'s weather patterns as observed from outer space. [3]​ 

She also covers space journeys by NASA​, noteworthy Telescope​ images, highlighting scientists' biographies and Deep sea​ research. [5]

Shannon is a member of the Northern California Association of Science Writers as well as The National Association of Science Writers. [4]

Personal Life

Shannon lives in the San Francisco Bay Area​. [2]​ She is a fan of Star Wars​ and the Ewoks of Endor. [1]

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