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Sepi Shyne

Sepi Shyne

Sepi Shyne campaign poster

Sepi Shyne campaign poster [1]

Sepi Shyne is an Iranian American immigrant, attorney, Energy healer, small business owner, and LGBTQ rights advocate residing in West Hollywood, California. She is also a candidate for West Hollywood City Council. [1]

Early Life & Education

Sepi Shyne was born in Iran and later immigrated to the United States. She grew up in a middle class family and self funded her college and law school education. Shyne holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Management Information Systems from San Jose State University, and a Juris Doctor from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, California. She also studied Reiki Mastery at We Heal University. [1] [6][3][๐Ÿ“]


Since 2007, Sepi Shyne has ran her own law firm, the Law Office of Sepi Ghafouri. She specializes in business law and trademark law.

Shyne is also the owner and Reiki Master of Soulillume, a Reiki energy healing business. Soulillume means "To light the Soul". At Soulillume, she offers energy healing for humans and pets, Reiki and massage combo sessions, spiritual guidance, energy healing classes, energy healing products, and inspirational e-books and seminars. In 2013, Soulillume was recognized by Daily Candy as one of the best alternative healers in Los Angeles. Shyne founded the business in 2009. [3][9]


Sepi Shyne has been involved in civil rights advocacy for more than 17 years. She was the Co-President of the LGBT Bar Bar association of Los Angeles in 2008. She also led a fundraiser which raised $10,000 for โ€œNo on Prop 8โ€ and she advocated against hate crimes and California Proposition 8 (2008) on CNN. [1]

Shyne subsequently volunteered on the Steering Committee for the Human Rights Campaign. She was Co-Chair of Community Events and the Annual Gala. Shyne served on HRCโ€™s Board of Governors and currently serve as Co-Chair of Community Engagement. She advocates for equality and engagement of under-served communities including lesbians, the transgender community, the bisexual community, and communities of color. [1]

Shynealso co-led the worldโ€™s first Bisexual Pride in West Hollywood on behalf of the City of West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board (LGAB). [1]

West Hollywood City Council Campaign

SEPI SHYNE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am running for West Hollywood City Council

SEPI SHYNE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am running for West Hollywood City Council

On December 17, 2018, Sepi Shyne announced that she would be running for West Hollywood City Council.

The election takes place on March 5, 2019.

Shyne's campaign is not taking donations from real estate developers, since she believes that she should represent the people, not the developers. [1]


Shyne is a passionate advocate for renter's rights, and is a renter herself.

She also believes that there needs to be more affordable housing built in West Hollywood as part of the solution to homelessness. [๐Ÿ“]

Another issue Shyne experiences as a resident of West Hollywood is public safety. When walking her dog, Chloe, Shyne often worries about speeding cars and rising crime. She is committed to working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies to make sure there is more presence and visibility. Shyne believes that some areas in the city need to have more stop signs and enforcement to protect pedestrians. She also believes that some areas need more street lighting to deter crime. Shyne is passionate about connecting the diverse West Hollywood community of women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ residents and allies, residents with children, Russian residents, seniors, and other residents. Shyne is a small business owner and a supporter of small businesses who regularly shops at local West Hollywood stores. She believes that City Hall needs to do more to help small businesses which are struggling.

Shyne wants West Hollywood to become a more green city.

She wants to expand the recycling programs and city trash bins to include landfill, recycling and composting compartments. Shyne believes that training programs for residents are vital to ensuring West Hollywood's leadership as a green city. She wants to work with small businesses to ensure they are meeting expanded green guidelines and believes that plastic straws should be replaced with eco-friendly ones. Shyne is also committed to preserving and expanding West Hollywood's green spaces.


Personal Life

Sepi Shyne has lived in West Hollywood, California for more than a decade with her wife, Ashlei Shyne and their four pets. [1]


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