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Sean Miyashiro

Sean Miyashiro

Sean Miyashiro is the Founder of 88rising.

Early Years

Sean grew up in San Jose, California, the son of a mechanical engineer from Japan, who had been a jazz DJ in college, and a stay-at-home mom from Korea. He went to San Jose State University without getting a degree. [2]


Sean had a variety of music-related jobs, including one at SanDisk , where he worked on a promotional campaign involving the electronic dance music star Tiësto. In 2013, Miyashiro convinced Vice Media to let him create a website, Thump, dedicated to the genre. After two years, he left his job at Vice. Miyashiro started a management firm called CXSHXNLY, which would morph into 88rising. Sean made contact with budding oversees artists that he and his employees found on the internet. The first was Keith Ape, the South Korean rapper behind the 2015 hit "It My G Ma." That hit helped Miyashiro raise his first round of funding from a group of investors led by Allen Debevoise, founder of the venture capital firm Third Wave Media. [2]


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