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Sarah Rose McDaniel (born 30 July 1995) is an American Instagram model with over 941,000 followers. In March 2016, she became the first non-nude model for Playboy . Though her natural eye color is brown, she claims to have heterochromia iridum ​, a condition that causes one’s eyes to be different colors. To achieve the appearance of heterochromia, McDaniel wore various blue contact lenses ​ in her left eye until July 2017, when she traveled to India and had a blue BrightOcular artificial iris implanted in that eye. There are severe complications associated with this surgery, including permanent damage and loss of vision.

Born in Roseville, California ​, McDaniel moved to San Diego when she was eight years old. During high school she had to move multiple times all over Southern California because of her father’s work as a project manager. Because of that, she had a hard time forming close friendships and claims she was often bullied because of her appearance (i.e., her nonexistent heterochromia). Eventually McDaniel dropped out of high school to pursue a modeling career with the help of her father. She has claimed: "I went to three different high schools and then graduated online because I was moving so much". [14]

McDaniel has faced criticism for routinely posting other people’s photos without crediting the model or photographer and presenting their work as her own; manipulating her photos ​ to an extreme degree; lying about her eye color, age, birthplace, and other personal details; plagiarizing written material, including blog posts by Rachael "Steak" Finley; writing an anti-vaccine ​ article and producing other poorly researched "journalism"; overall lack of professionalism, e.g. in 2017 after attending the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's annual fundraising gala she wrote "#theydontactuallyhelpanything"; etc.

McDaniel's dream is to be a Victoria's Secret model. [+]

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