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Sara Ketabi

Sara Ketabi

Sara Ketabi is the Founder & CEO of CollatEd Lab, Hale, and InnovaYouth. She is responsible for working with international governments, UN agencies, universities, and organizations to faciliate high-impact, cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development.[5]


International Nonprofit Executive, Public Policy, and UNICEF USA

Sara is one of two members of the UNICEF National Council Leadership Development team, designing UNICEF USA programs. She aims to continue to facilitate international impact investing, the deployment of humanitarian technology, as well as evidence-based governance policy and scientific-economic alliances for intergovernmental knowledge exchange.

CollatEd Lab:

Website: Collatedlab.com

The mission of CollatEd Lab is to give a voice to collaborative, young researchers around the world through developing education to lead international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational dialogue with the goal of streamlining global policymaking to be SDG-inclusive.

The initiative, launched in 109 countries, features an open model of innovation that empowers world ministries, foriegn embassies, United Nations agencies to bridge the gap between information capacity-building and policy application.

CollatEd is expanding to develop SDG financing technology, long-term economic development, and Prime Minister leadership programs across all of Africa.

Hale Data Initiative:

Website: Forhale.org

Successful in passing healthcare legislation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hale Inc. has launched a health data initiative in October 2019 with Ministers of Health in 12 countries for the purpose of creating a united front of data scientists, policy researchers, UN leaders, and governmental leaders dedicated to comprehensive health policy reform.

The Data Initiative is officially partnered with the Clinton Health Access Initiative(CHAI), UNICEF, WHO, Stanford University, and more.

Hale has established a Global Advisory Board of UNICEF, WHO, MoH, UNFPA directors, UN senior advisors, and public healthcare specialists.

As featured by the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab, sheโ€™s a 2019 Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, Global Scholar, United Nations SDG Honors Awardee, Noble Citizen Award Honoree, and cohort member of various United Nations SDG accelerators.


Website: Innovayouth.org

A 501(c)(3) education enterprise prevalent in 14 countries that inspires collective community development through skill-building conferences, workshops, and social participation projects.

Hosted innovation summits in Dubai, Iran, Nigeria, Rwanda, USA, etc.


Her work has been endorsed by the Canadian Prime Minister's Council of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, the Prime Minister's Office of Ethiopia, and the Prime Minister of as well as President of Rwanda. Sara is also a Global Advisory Board member of Electus Education, a pioneering AI start-up fostering financial and entrepreneurship capacity building. She has extensive experience in creating international think tanks, summits, NGOs, research publications, formal youth development programs, and technology and policy analytics services.

Notable Speaking Engagements

Some of her notable speaking engagements include: United Nations General Assembly, Ministerial United Nations High Level Political Forum, UNICEF Annual Summit, UNESCO Tech MGIEP, UNICEF HQ, World Bank HQ, Harvard Global Health Leadership Conference, Harvard UNICEF Conference, Women Economic Forum, UN Foundation, Aspen Institute HQ, International Poverty and Sustainable Development Conference, USC, and Stanford University.[3]

Active On Facebook

On her Facebook page she released a statement in 2019:

Honored to be speaking at the worldwide Women Economic Forum in Mexico in a month!

Will be speaking about the future of education technology and its intersections with the global agenda for sustainable development in shaping societal democracy, actions for achieving SDGs, and sustainable living.


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