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Sam Winkler (born March 31, 1990) Sam Winkler is a millennial serial entrepreneur and investor who has been in executive sales, international licensing, and strategic business planning for over 12 years.

Sam began his career as a digital manager and helped create the infrastructure for Planetwide Games, a MMORPG online game company and publisher with over 600,000 members.

Sam then moved into a vice president position after being the top producer for WePOWER LLC, an alternative energy company. After he left WePOWER [2] in 2010, he soon became one of the original executive team members, a co-founder and director of Liquipel; this is where he helped pioneer and develop an innovative and unique business model in the nano coating industry for electronics and beyond.

He also went on to raise $16Million round at a $100 Million valuation for Liquipel and

today, he is the President and CEO of Liquipel [3]

As president and CEO for Liquipel he strategically expanded Liquipel to many countries worldwide with over 16,000 points of distribution and over 7,000 locations.

He has negotiated and assisted in drafting international licensing agreements with over $100 million in minimum guarantees as well as developed the corporate policies for product development, finance, HR and operations. All while also playing the instrumental role in several mergers and acquisitions of key technologies and new sales channels with over $50 million in sales and licensing to date and is currently actively expanding the brand and product line.

He is also the co-founder of [4]

Sam is also an avid public speaker that gives back to his community through multiple causes and encourages his followers and audience to pursue their passions and dreams by following their contributions and consistent mastery of their crafts.

Hes been featured on CNN, Bloomberg, Venture Beat, Business Insider, Amazon News, and more.

His most recent podcast interview can be listened to here: [6]

You can also find him inspiring others through his entertaining lifestyle and entrepreneurial journeys on his instagram and connect with him

there at [5] [7]

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