Sajan Sanghvi

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Sajan Sanghvi is the CEO of Laylo Music and founder of No Suits . He hails originally from Encinitas, California and resides in Los Angeles, California. [2]

Early Life

Sajan was born in raised in Encinitas , California. He first discovered his passion for music when he was 10-years-old when he learned how to play piano, and later learned how to play guitar . He attended Canyon Crest Academy and learned how to code during his sophomore year. An athlete and scholar, he earned All-Academic honors in 2012 for Boys Tennis in the San Diego area. Sajan graduated in 2013 with high honors in the top 10% of his class.

College and Career

Sajan entered the University of California Los Angeles in the fall of 2013 with the intent to study electrical engineering and computer science. Toward the end of his Freshman year, Sajan started the electro-chill hop group No Suits with Max Pierro and Edward Hill. Around the same time, he launched Sylo (Application) with his friend and partner Misha Sallee. Later, Misha would leave Sylo while Aurnik Islam would join. In 2017, Sylo became Laylo Music .

At the end of his Sophomore year, Sajan dropped out of college, failing his final class in the process. He decided to forgo his college degree in order to focus on making music for No Suits and developing his app full-time.

Early Milestones

In January of 2016, No Suits remix to Major Lazer 's "Be Together" went viral, and was featured on HYPEBEAST and reached 13 on Spotify 's viral 50. [3] Sylo received their first investments in October of 2015.

Personal Life

Sajan is a curator of music from a variety of genres including Funk , Hip hop , Electronic music , and Alternative . His favorite T.V. show is Entourage (TV) and he considers it to be a profound influence on his life. He considers Pibauso to be a painter ahead of his time.

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