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Sajad Gharibi (born December 19, 1991) is an Iranian powerlifter. He is known on the Internet as Persian Hulk due to his huge frame and built muscles. [5] He has participated in bodybuilding competitions which represented his country. [3] Little is known of his maximum lifts, but his body weight is over (175 kg) 385.7lbs. As of 2017, Gharibi is thought to be considering a career in the WWE in the United States after many of his fans suggested the idea to him.

Instagram, frequently posting pictures of his daily life in Iran. [2] Gharibi has numerous photos of him expressing his reverence for his religion on his Instagram and Facebook. He appears to advocate a life of simplicity and charity. [10] [4]

In July 2016, Gharibi expressed on social media that he is choosing to possibly enlist in the Iranian Armed Forces to fight ISIS in the Syrian Civil War. [17]

In January of 2019 Sajad posted on Instagram that he would be considering a career in mixed martial arts. In April of 2019 Sajad announced that he accepted a match against an unnamed Brazilian fighter and the bout would take place before the end of the year. [20]

As a result of his online fandom, Gharibi has expressed interest in finding international sponsors writing on his social media account (translation from Farsi): [16]

I am an Iranian citizen with traditional values of Persian upbringing surrounded with a close-knit family and also many great friends from all around the world who have supported me every step of the way in these difficult times.

As a sportsman throughout my career all the cost and expenses and fees have been covered and paid from my own budget without to received any support or help from Iranian authorities or sport organisations and unfortunately there are plenty of others talented young people in Iran who suffers exactly in similar way to my situation despite I’m trying my best to find a sponsor.

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