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Saifullah Khan ( Dari / Pashto ​: سيف الله خان ) is a native of Afghanistan ​ and a former undergraduate ​ at Yale University ​. Originally a member of the Yale College ​ Class of 2016, Khan was suspended by the University on 9 November 2015 and was arrested by the Yale Police Department three days later after being accused of raping ​ a fellow student on Halloween ​ Night 2015. Following a trial ​ that began in February 2018, on 7 March 2018 Khan was found not guilty ​​ of sexual assault ​ in the first, second, third, and fourth degrees. [1] [3] [4] [6]

Background and Early Life

Khan is a native of Afghanistan ​ and nephew of Arsala Jamal ​, a former Minister of Tribal Affairs and former Governor of Khost and Logar Provinces who was assassinated in 2013. [7]

Khan relocated from Afghanistan to Connecticut ​ in 2011 to spend his final year of secondary school ​ at The Hotchkiss School ​ before enrolling at Yale University ​ in 2012. [1] [5]

Yale Career

Khan was a Cognitive Science ​ major and member of Trumbull College ​. Outside of the classroom, Khan was a member of Jewish secret society Shabtai ​, and served on the Yale College Council ​ as well as on the executive board of the Muslim Students Association ​. Khan also cofounded a student think tank ​ called Prologue Strategies. [5]

Rape Accusation and Aftermath

At 5:45pm on the evening of Halloween ​ 2015, Khan and his accuser, Jane Doe ​, met for dinner at the Trumbull College dining hall. Khan asked to come to Doe's room after dinner, which Doe declined. After going their separate ways, at 10:00pm Doe and two friends arrived at a party hosted by Shabtai, where Khan happened to be manning the door. At the party, Doe consumed two rums and Coke ​, one shot of liquor ​ and two cups of white wine ​. [6]

At midnight, Doe left with four other students to attend the Yale Symphony Orchestra ​'s annual Halloween show at Woolsey Hall ​. Unable to produce her ticket due to her intoxicated ​ state, Doe reunited with Khan and the two proceeded to the second-floor balcony, where Doe vomited not long after being seated. After Khan escorted her outside to vomit again, the pair were refused reëntry due to Doe's advanced intoxication ​. [6]

The pair returned to Doe's room at Trumbull College ​, where Doe and Khan proceeded to have vaginal intercourse ​; Khan maintains the encounter was consensual ​, while Doe alleges she was overpowered and raped.​ [6]

On 2 November 2015, Doe visited the Yale Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education center to report the incident, where an administrator contacted the Yale Police Department. After the YPD opened an investigation, Khan was suspended by the University on 9 November 2015 and arrested on 12 November 2015. [6]

The case finally went to trial on 26 February 2018. After hearing testimony from about a dozen witnesses, the case went to a six-person jury ​ for deliberation on 6 March 2018, after which it took the jury less than four hours to find Khan not guilty ​​ of sexual assault ​ in the first, second, third, and fourth degrees. [3] [4]

Khan is awaiting reinstatement at Yale University ​ as of March 2018. [3] [4]

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