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Ryder Ripps

Ryder Ripps

Ryder Ripps is an NYC-based artist.

He is the creative director of OKFocus, a creative agency. Ripps is behind the branding for Soylent, a meal replacement drink, which he created in 2013. He holds a BA from The New School. A lot of Ripps' work focuses on the influence of Instagram on the taste and attention span of the art audience.

Ripps is also creator of Abacus Energy Pills.


Ryder got major press for his Artist-in-Residency program at the Ace Hotel. The hotel did not pay him, but gave him a room in which to work and display his works. Ripps thought that the hotel was pimping him out, so he hired prostitutes from Craigslist to sit in the room and paint. Since he did not reveal the names of the prostitutes, art critic Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City said that Ripps' work was sexist. [1]


Ripps was in the news in 2015 for his stylized paintings of model Adrianne Ho, which was in an exhibit at Postmasters Gallery.

Barbara Lee

In 2016, Ripps created a replica of the Twin Towers using 5,000 images from Instagram.


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