Ryan Selkis

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Ryan Selkis is an American angel investor and entrepreneur based in New York City. He is the founder of Messari Crypto and former managing director at CoinDesk. [3] [2] [4]

Early Life and Education

Ryan Selkis as a South Park character

Selkis is originally from Albany, New York. [9] He graduated cum laude in finance from Boston College with a degree in 2008. [8] He dropped out of the MIT Sloan School of Management in order to pursue opportunities in bitcoin. [8]


At the beginning of his career, Ryan worked as an Analyst for JPMorgan and an Associate at Summit Partners. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Good Benefits Inc. which designs custom workplace programs for companies that wish to add an charitable giving option to employees. [7]

Ryan became involved in the Bitcoin community in 2013 and founded TBI Consulting that bootstrapped projects such as the TBI Daily Newsletter as well as Venture Capital Consulting. [8] In 2014, Ryan became the Director of Growth for the Digital Currency Group where he invested and scaled digital currency ventures. In January 2016, Ryan led the acquisition of CoinDesk. [7] His success at CoinDesk includes organizing the largest industry event hosted to date with 2,600 attendees (Consensus 2017), and moving HQ from London to NYC. [8]

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