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Ryan Schinman

Ryan Schinman

Ryan Schinman is not a household name, but he prefers to work behind the scenes. Schinman is responsible for orchestrating some of the largest endorsement deals ever made between Madison Avenue and Hollywood while pioneering the celebrity talent procurement industry. [2]


From the beginning, Schinman was an entrepreneur. Growing up in New Jersey, Schinman admits that, although he may not have been the smartest kid in class, he had business savvy. At the age of 20, a senior at the University of Florida, Schinman convinced a friend on the football team to let him negotiate his NFL contract. From there, a natural negotiator was born. Schinman moved on to become a sports agent at Athletes & Artists and three years later was named CMO of Worldwide Sports and Entertainment (the first publicly traded sports marketing company). At the age of 26, Schinman opened his own consulting company, Platinum Rye Entertainment which during his tenure as CEO was named “the world’s largest broker of celebrity talent, models, recording artists, sports figures and other celebrities for ad campaigns and P.R. events,” according to Forbes Magazine. The company’s US operation was bought by Omnicom in 2004.

Schinman built Platinum Rye Entertainment into a one-stop shop for corporations looking to market themselves and their brands through the world of entertainment (he represented over 30 Fortune 500 companies and over 40 advertising and PR agencies).

Besides, Platinum Rye Entertainment, Ryan is also a founding partner in Noise Marketing (purchased by the Engine Group), MMG Nightlife (purchased by SFX Entertainment), and The Engine Shop Agency which produces events for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, InBev, and ESPN. Most recently Ryan has co-founded Mayflower Entertainment, an entertainment consultancy with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Moscow, São Paulo, and Tel Aviv. Beyond his business enterprise, Ryan also serves on the board of the Kessler Foundation; a public charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities. And in the Spring of 2017, joined the board of Saint Barnabas Hospital the largest not for profit teaching hospital in New Jersey.

Personal Life

When not working or giving back, Ryan can be found in New Jersey, where he lives with his wife, and their three children.


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