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Rob Jacobson is an American Video editor ​ of 13 years for the online media channel, InfoWars ​. After being fired from the show, he decided to filed a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ​ regarding the show's abuse against people of color. [1] [2]

Image of Rob Jacobson with Alex Jones ​ during the moments when he is told to leave the set of the shot InfoWars ​.

Personal Life

Jacobson is a resident of the city of Austin, Texas ​, where he has lived for a number of years. [3] ​ He has worked for the show called, InfoWars ​ alongside with Alex Jones ​, for more than 13 years. [4] ​He began working for the show in May of 2004. [5]

Complaint Against Alex Jones ​ and InfoWars

Youtube Video
Occupy Wall Street: Rob Jacobson Report.

After working together for more than a decade, Alex Jones and Infowars decided to part ways with Jacobson's in-house editing services and fired him in 2017. Some time after, Jacobson decided to file a complaint against Infowars through Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ​ for the discriminatory actions against him. [6] [7]

Due to the abuse and poor treatment as a worker on the show, Jacobson feels he was "passed over" for promotions and raises, which instead went to "far less experienced employees", adding that his firing was both "discriminator and in retaliation for my complaint to HR." [8]


Youtube Video
Rob Jacobson Told to Leave for Wearing Ron Paul T-Shirt: Nightly News Street Report.

According to Jacobson, Jones made endless Antisemitic remarks against Jacobson and constant humiliation in the later years of their professional relationship on the show, InforWars. [9]

Jones started calling Jacobson, "Beefcake", after Jacobson accidentally clicked on an ad of gay pornography on his computer while the two were researching together. For nearly four years, Jones called Jacobson, "Beefcake" on the set of the show. [10]

During Jones' guest on the show, David Duke ​, as Jacobson went to ask a question, Jones introduced Jacobson as the "Jewish Staff Member". He was then referred to as the "Jewish Individual" by Duke, which has traumatized Jacobson. Since then on, other staff members in the show began to call refer Jacobson as "Yacobson", and the "The Jewish Individual", which his co-workers found funny and amusing. [11] [12 ]

Jones also gave a $5,000 prize to a videographer of lesser skills in comparison to the quality of work that Jacobson did for the show. Jacobson called Jones at his office and during his complaint over the phone, Jones put the conversation on speaker for the other staff members to listen in. According to the complaint report by Jacobson, many of the staff members thought of Jones as unprofessional when he did that to Jacobson. [13] [14]

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