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Rob Cheng started at Texas Instruments where he was responsible for forecasting material for TI's international minicomputer business. [1]

His world changed when TI introduced the TIPC to compete with the IBM personal computer. He purchased a TIPC and met Ted Waitt the CEO of TIPC Network. They began working on a series of projects including the sale of used TIPCs back to Texas Instruments.He left TI to pursue an MBA at the University of Texas. After one semester, out of money, he returned to TI doing marketing and support for the Latin American Division. He continued with my MBA full time while working full time at Texas Instruments. That was one of the most rewarding and challenging times of his life. [4]

After receiving an MBA with a 3.8 GPA, he was promoted to Latin American Sales, Marketing and Support manager. He traveled throughout Latin America and learned to speak Spanish. [2]

After 5 years, Ted Waitt had created a burgeoning computer company, and I became Gateway 2000's first Director of Marketing. Gateway was booming and he held a succession of increasingly challenging positions including VP of Marketing, VP of Desktop Products, General Manager Gateway Europe, and SVP of Gateway Consumer, responsible for sales, marketing and support worldwide. [5]

He started PC Pitstop ​ while visiting the ex-president of Gateway, Rick Snyder. He invested $1M to get her off the ground and became the company's first and only CEO. PC Pitstop is a virtual company which allowed him to purchase a second residence in Rio de Janeiro where he learned Portuguese. He is proud to say that PC Pitstop has grown into a successful and profitable company developing and marketing high-quality security software into the United States, UK and Japan. He can say for sure that PC Pitstop will be the last job he will ever want. [4]

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