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Rob Carbone is an entrepreneur and expert in finance who is running for Prime Minister of Canada. [1]


Rob Carbone is the founder of financial powerhouse London Burke Inc., a global investment firm that offers private lending at a minimum of $100,000,000. He has thrown lavish charity events presented by London Burke Media. London Burke's logo dons the words: "Integrity, Honor, Trust", Carbone has made these key words in his campaign.[2] [+]

Logo on London Burke Media

In 2019 Carbone announced that he would be running for Prime Minister of Canada. He removed much of his online presence and put his business engagements aside to pursue politics. He is establishing the Republican Party of Canada, a new independent political party. [2]

Rob Carbone's platform is centered around strengthening and enriching Canada with a special focus on restoring the restoring government relations between Canada and the United States. His website sets forth a rough outline of his intentions: [1]

Protect Canadians Through Strength

Create Canadian Jobs

Ending The Affordability Crisis

  • Reduce household utility rates
  • Reduce cable, cellular and internet rates
  • Provide free Wi-fi Canada-wide


Children And Young Adults

  • Fund 100% of daycare fees at new Government approved facilities.
  • Optometry fees for all children and young adults 25 and under, who are not covered through any other insurance program, will be 100% funded.
  • Dental and Orthodontic fees for all children and adults 25 and under, who are not covered through any other insurance program will be 100% funded.

Mandate To Ensure Better Lifestyle For All Canadians

  • 100% Coverage of healthcare - medication, dental, optometry, ambulance, hospital care, prosthesis, canes, walkers, physiotherapy and chiropractic care. The Republican Party of Canada also plans to increase the Old Age Security pension.
  • The Republican Party of Canada will invest in Asset Management programs, in order that all UNION WORKERS benefit in retirement savings.
  • The Republican Party of Canada will invest in Asset Management programs, in order that all FIRST RESPONDERS benefit in retirement savings.

Better Quality Of Life

  • Fund all College and University tuition, books, parking, and Presto passes. To qualify for this 100% subsidy, each student must cast a vote, for the party of their choice. Install air-conditioning throughout all schools.
  • Enhance Healthcare for all Canadians, and build more emergency trauma centers to include mental health.
  • Fund 100% veterinary visits and vaccines for cats and dogs. Moving into the future, we plan to cover all surgical expenses.

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