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Richie Wess

Richie Wess

Richie Wess (born 22 July, 1987) is a rapper and Chief Executive Officer of YTC (Young Trillionaire Click) Entertainment. The Queens-born, Tampa-bred artist got an early start in the music industry.[2] He has a clothing line, Street Runnaz Apparel, where customized outfits are being sold.[8]


Wess was highly influenced by his father who produced videos for legendary rap group.

By the age of ten, Richie Wess was penning his own raps to perform in front of his family before taking part in rap battles and then dropping his first album at the age of 15.[1]

Richie Wess followed in the family business by linking up with his cousin DJ Spinatik.

Richie has had various incredible collaborations with Boosie Badazz, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, The Game and more as he is heavy in the mixtape circuit & has dropped over 10 mixtapes with DJ Spinatik from StreetRunnaz.

In 2016, Richie released a collaborated 4 song EP that was produced solely by the young producer extraordinaire Metro Boomin entilted “Richie Boomin” that circulated the successfully circulated the Blogosphere. ‘Lord Finesse’ is one of his release which features collaborations from Fat Joe, Metro Boomin, Jose Guapo, OG Maco, Jay Critch and More. Richie had had a long history of relationship with Fat Joe, and that was one of the vital instrument in solidifying his fanbase. According to him,

"Fat Joe is definitely the big homie, got a lot of knowledge and game from him.

Been rocking with him for maybe 7 years now, it’s always been solid.

It’s never straight business or that type of relationship, it’s been really a family relationship.

He gave me a feature when “All The Way Up” was at its pinnacle, so that showed me how much he rocks with me.

Once it when #1, we still shot that video.

When people are at their pinnacle, they’re real selective how they work.

That’s just what it is.

Even outside of music, for someone to rock with you while their record is taking off, that’s dope."[9]

Richie Wess grants different news outlets and blogs interviews.

In an interview he was asked to talk about his wildest memory from touring with Purpp

"The wildest memory that I remember [laughs] was at the W in Barcelona.

There were dope hotels throughout the whole Europe tour but when we got to Barcelona, there’s a hotel called the W. They have the best penthouse in the whole country, so Purpp dropped 10 bands on the penthouse for the day.

Like “fucjk it, we getting the best house.”

Pump had this room, it had the spinning bed.

We had everything lined up — the party, the set up — and bro got sick.


We had to cancel the whole night.

We spent hella money, had all the party favors available.

It was a $10,000 L. It was food poisoning because we’re eating all this different shit.

By the time we finally had a day off and chilled, it just hit him.

You know how that shit is, it had the whole vibe down.

Can’t do shit.


More than a rapper, Richie Wess runs his own company, YTC Entertainment Group along with his younger brother Yung Dred.

In its first run out of the gate, YTC Entertainment scored a hit with its first single ‘Shawty Is A Freak’ Ft.

Sammie & Yung


Richie Wess songs can be streamed on YouTube, Soundcloud, TuneIn[4], Deezer[3] and other media outlets.

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Ride AroundWess Side Story2013
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Put it Down (ft Verse Simmonds)2012
Members on2015
Lost YouLost You - EP2019
SpaceshipLost You - EP2019
Real RichLost You - EP2019
YesLost You - EP2019
Money or DiamondsLost You - EP2019
FrenemiesLost You - EP2019

Social Media

Richie Wess has a large following on different social media platforms.

He allows his fans have a sneak peak into his private life, as he uploads videos and photos that reflects his life style.

On Instagram[5] he has over 135,000 followers and over 7,000 on his Twitter[6] account and Facebook[7]


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