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Richard Russell , or Beebo , was an American baggage handler ​ in the airline industry ​ who hijacked an aircraft and crashed on Ketron Island ​, killing himself in the process. [1] [2] [3] [4] ​ He was born in Florida and lived in the Pacific Northwest ​ for most of his life. [5]

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Stolen Plane Seattle Washington Horizon Air Q400.


Early Life

Affectionately known as Beebo, Russell was born in Key West, Florida ​. By the time he was seven, he and his family moved to Wasilla, Alaska ​. [6] ​ He lived in the state of Alaska ​ for much of his life as a young child and as a teenager. [7] [8]

High School

During his teen years, Russell was a top school athlete who played on the American football ​ squad through high school. [9] ​ He is a graduate of Wasilla High School ​. [10]

Photo of Richard "Rich" Russell.


During high school, Beebo committed to Valley City State College ​, where he played football. [11] A few years later he moved to the state of Oregon ​, attending Southwestern Oregon Community College ​. [12] ​ During this time, he met his future wife, Hannah. [13]


He and his future wife, Hannah, opened a bakery called Hannah Marie's Bakery. They managed the locale for about three years before choosing to move closer to their families. [14] ​ Russell then applied for and was hired by Horizon Air ​, where he had several roles, including as a luggage handler ​. [15] [16]

In The Media


On the evening of August 10, 2018, Beebo hijacked an empty 76-seat turboprop Q400 ​ after taking the aircraft from the maintenance area. [17] ​ Russell engaged in a widely-distributed far-ranging exchange with air traffic control, who tried to convince him to return and land the aircraft. [18]

After about an hour of taking the aircraft for a joyride, Russell decided to take his life. [19] [20] He flew the aircraft away from any population, thirty miles south of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and crashed on Ketron Island ​, sparking a small forest wildfire. [21] [22] ​ His death has been ruled a suicide ​. [23] ​​ [24]

Richard "Rich" Russell with his wife, Hannah.


Russell and Hannah were married a year after meeting at a Campus Crusade for Christ gathering at Southwestern Oregon Community College in North Bend, Oregon while attending college. [26]

Personal life

Russell lived with his wife in Sumner, Washington ​. [25] ​  He followed Republican pages on Facebook, such as Ben Shapiro ​. [27]

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