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Richard Buettner

Richard Buettner

Richard Buettner (born June 14, 1994) is a German Entrepreneur, Consultant and Brand Strategist. He is pioneer in the influencer marketing and affiliate marketing scene in Germany and his sales bring in millions of dollars in revenue a year.

Early Life

Richard grew up in Egeln, Germany and always had a competitive nature. An athlete, Richard played soccer in his youth but later switched to playing basketball as a teenager. He would later play basketball in California at Merced High School and Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club (MBC) in the 1st German Basketball League when he was 16-years-old. Although his parents were separated, they were both successful entrepreneurs in their own life. He credits his mom for teaching him how to have a business mindset but also instilling him with compassion. When he was 16, he was introduced to the Law of attraction and utilized it for his future success.


Richard at the waterfall in Kyoto Garden/London

Richard at the waterfall in Kyoto Garden/London

Richard's earliest memories in entrepreneurship were selling Yugioh cards and having his own entrepreneurial.

He dropped out of school in 11th grade and started a sales job in his native Germany.

When he was 20-years-old he switched into online marketing and joined Vemma, becoming one of the first to utilize social media marketing for his success. For Vemma, he built a team of 400 people, becoming the top leader in all of East Germany. He would next join Kyani and become a top earner, but would later leave in order to find a company vision that he more resonated with.

In January 2016, Richard partnered with Wealth Generators, a financial education trading company based in Germany and today serves as the President of the organization in Europe.

He recruited a team of over 2,000 people generating millions of dollars in sales and in 2017, and makes 15K-30K a month.

Richard plans to have 6-figure profits this year and expects 2018 to be a 7-figure year.

Richard is starting The Agency, an influencer marketing organization that helps businesses build engaging communities on social media and connect big brands with influencers but also help influencers make the most out of their talent. At the same time, he expects to launch his exclusive personal transformation club, The Good Life Club. In addition, he is an ambassador for Thought Mechanics a self-improvement program from his mentor Jonathan Amaret that aims to help people to become the best version of themselves.

Personal Views and Notable Quote

Hanging out with fellow entrepreneurs in Newport Beach/CA

Hanging out with fellow entrepreneurs in Newport Beach/CA

Richard's goal in life is to use the lessons and experiences that he picked up his life and share them with others.

He wants to inspire people with his story, and show that everyone no matter what their past is, who just had the drive and will to succeed can do exactly that with the right strategy and proper mindset.

"The way how you become successful is just as important as how successful you become " - Richard Buettner


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