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Ren is a diminutive of the feminine given name Renée.

Ren or REN may also refer to:


  • Orenburg Tsentralny Airport, IATA code REN, civil airport in Russia

  • Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN), Portuguese company

  • Renanthera, abbreviated as Ren, orchid genus

  • Ringer equivalence number (REN), a number which denotes the loading effect of a telephone ringer on a telephone line


  • Ren County, in Hebei, China

  • Ren, Iran, a village in Kerman Province, Iran

  • Ren, Rajasthan, a village in Merta Tehsil of Nagaur district, Rajasthan


  • Ren (surname) (任), Chinese surname, from Zhuanxu/颛顼's youngest son Yuyang/禺阳 or Fuxi/伏羲

  • King Zhou Yuan/周元, name Ren/仁

  • Cao Ren (168-223), general of Cao Wei

  • MC Ren, rapper from the group NWA

  • Ren Kano (加納 錬, born 1994), Japanese footballer

  • Ren Komatsu (小松 蓮, born 1998), Japanese footballer

  • Ren Osugi, Japanese actor

  • Ren Sengoku (仙石 廉, born 1990), Japanese footballer

  • Ren Yamamoto (山本 蓮, born 1997), Japanese footballer

  • Ren (singer), member of South Korean boy band NU'EST


  • Ren, a part of the soul in Egyptian mythology

  • Ren (Confucianism), Confucian concept

Fictional characters

Single name

  • Ren, the titular heroine from the fantasy webseries Ren: The Girl with the Mark from Mythica Entertainment and Kate Madison

  • Ren (Tsukihime), a character from the game Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood: Re-ACT

  • Ren, son of Primus, protagonist of the animated series The Pirates of Dark Water

First name

  • Ren Akiyama of Kamen Rider

  • Ren Amamiya, the canon full name of Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5

  • Ren Ashbell, an alias used by the protagonist of Bladedance of Elementalers, Kamito Kazehaya

  • Ren Gottlieb, a character from the Australian soap Neighbours

  • Ren Höek, a fictional Chihuahua from the Nickelodeon animated series The Ren & Stimpy Show

  • Ren Honjo, a character from the manga, anime, and film NANA

  • Ren Mihashi, main character from the manga, anime and game from Big Windup!

  • Ren Jinguuji, a character from the anime, game and manga from Uta no Prince-sama

  • Ren Karas, a character from the anime and manga Element Hunters

  • Ren Krawler, the Darkus protagonist from the animated series Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

  • Ren, a character from the game and anime "DRAMAtical Murder"

  • Ren, a character from the video game Oxenfree

  • Ren Kosaka, main character from the 2008 Japanese tokusatsu television series, Go-ongers

  • Ren Maka, a character from the anime Chibi Vampire

  • Ren McCormack, the main character from the film Footloose

  • Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Renshia Rurunnren Nakora, heroine of DearS

  • Ren Sohma, the mother of Akito Sohma in the manga Fruits Basket

  • Ren Stevens, a character from Even Stevens

  • Ren Tsuruga, character in the manga Skip Beat

  • Tao Len, sometimes romanized as Tao Ren, a character in Shaman King

  • Ren Suzugamori, a character in the anime series Cardfight!! Vanguard

  • Lie Ren, a character from the American animated series RWBY

Last name

  • Wuying Ren, a character from Shenmue II

  • Kylo Ren, a character from the Star Wars sequel trilogy

  • Hakuryuu Ren, Fourth Imperial Prince of Kou in the anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Other uses

  • Ren, in anatomy, a kidney

  • Ren (command), a shell command

  • REN (TV channel), a TV channel in Russia

  • Ren - meaning to connect or link in Japanese culture - see also renga / renku

  • Ren - meaning lotus

  • Ren - the name given to the Chinese sports car Techrules Ren.


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