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Erik Rannala

Erik Rannala

Erik Rannala is a venture capitalist and technology executive based out of Los Angeles, California. He is well known for his current role as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Mucker Capital. [9] [1]


Erik holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware and a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. [1]


Prior to forming Mucker Capital, Erik was most recently at Harrison Metal Capital, where he helped lead one of the original seed-stage "micro-VC" firms in Silicon Valley. [1]

Before Harrison Metal, Erik was most recently the vice president of global product strategy and development at TripAdvisor, the largest travel site on the Web. Prior to TripAdvisor, Erik held a variety of positions at eBay, including leadership of eBay’s premium features business, which grew during his tenure from $124 million in revenue to $410 million, significantly outpacing overall eBay revenue and listings growth. Previously, Erik held leadership roles at MVP.com and at Accenture, where he was an early member of Accenture’s first practice group dedicated to Internet strategy and development. Erik earlier served at the United States Domestic Policy Council in the White House. [1]


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