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Rai or RAI may refer to:


  • RAI, national public broadcasting company of Italy

  • Rai Italia Radio, international broadcast radio service of Rai Internazionale

  • Rai Südtirol (TV channel), a German language television channel

  • Raï, folk music originating in Oran, Algeria and popular in France

  • Rai (comics), fictional character in Valiant Comics

  • Raï (1995 film), a 1995 French film directed by Thomas Gilou

  • Rai (2016 film), Indian film about Muthappa Rai


  • Rai (title), means king and is equivalent to Rao or Roy, a princely title used by many Hindu rulers in India

  • Rai Bahadur or Rai Sahib, a noble title given during British Raj in India

  • Rai (surname)

  • Rai (ethnic group), in Nepal

  • Rai dynasty (c. 416–644 CE), a Buddhist dynasty based in Sindh in modern Pakistan

  • Rai Sikh, adherents of Sikh faith

  • Raí (born 1965), Brazilian footballer


  • Rai (East Syrian Ecclesiastical Province), a metropolitan province of the Church of the East

  • Rai, Orne, a commune of the Orne département, in France

  • Rai, Sonipat, a village in Haryana, India

  • Rai University, a university in India

  • Rai, South Khorasan, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran

  • Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

  • Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, an exhibition and convention Centre in Amsterdam Amsterdam RAI station, a railway station with the same name

Science, healthcare, and technology

  • Radioactive iodine uptake test, RAI uptake test, a diagnostic scan

  • Rai (unit), a traditional Thai unit of area, equaling 1,600 m²

  • Root analogue dental implant


  • Réseau Aérien Interinsulaire, a former name of the airline Air Tahiti

  • IATA airport code for Praia International Airport in Cape Verde

  • Islamic Republic of Iran Railways


  • Retailers Association of India, Indian trade association

  • Rai stones, a kind of stone currency used in Yap, Caroline Islands

  • Rai languages, Dhanwar Rai language

  • Rai or Raai, the Hindi name for mustard seed

  • Rai (Thai: ร่าย), a Thai poetic form used in laws and chronicles

  • Reynolds American Inc., an American tobacco company

See also

  • Raï (disambiguation)

  • Rai Cultura (disambiguation)

  • Rei (disambiguation)

  • Ray (disambiguation)

  • Rey (disambiguation)


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