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The Quantum Information Science and Technology Program (abbreviated as QUIST or QuIST ) was a five-year, $100M DARPA ​ research program that ran from FY 2001 – 2005. The initiative was jointly created by the Defense Sciences Office ​ ( DSO) and the Information Processing Technology Office ​ ( IPTO) to accelerate development in the field of quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum algorithms, and other high-priority quantum information applications. As a completed program, QuIST received an award from DARPA in 2008 for scientific breakthroughs previously conducted under its support. [✔] [1] [3]


In 2004, QuIST-funded researchers demonstrated the first working quantum key distribution network using coherent laser pulses over optical fiber media, sending unconditionally-secure messages between Harvard University, Boston University and BBN Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The work was given a DARPA award four years later. [2] [4] [5] ​  ​

  • DARPA ​ – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • IARPA ​ – Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency

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