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Photo of some of the violins destroyed by Qin Yue [3]

Qin Yue is a Chinese citizen residing in Nagoya, Japan. In July 2018, she was sentenced to two years in prison after breaking into her ex-husband's home and destroying his violin collection which was valued at ¥15.6 million ($140,000 USD). [2] [4] [3] [5]

Personal Life

Qin Yue was married to former violin maker, Daniel Olsen Chen. In August 2016, he posted a YouTube video about the incident. At the the time of the incident in 2014 the couple were estranged. In 2016 the divorce was finalized. Qin Yue is originally from Shanghai, China. [5] [3]

Criminal History

Youtube Video
Destroys 54 Violins Shanghai Woman Arrested 河宮碧秦悦逮捕

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, Qin Yue was sentenced two years in prison for breaking into her ex-husband's house and destroying his collection of 54 violins and 70 bows. [2] [4] [5]

Qin Yue broke into her then-estranged husband’s home in Nagoya in 2014 and destroyed his violins and bows which were worth around ¥15.6 million ($140,000 USD), according to the Nagoya District Court ruling. [2] [4]

In handing down the ruling Presiding Judge Satoko Shotokuji said Qin had admitted to writing graffiti on a wall, and described the action of destroying the violins as one committed by someone with a strong hatred. [2] [4]

Qin denied the allegations, saying she did not break all the violins and bows, but the district court dismissed her claim. [4] [2]

Prosecutors had sought a three-year prison term. Qin’s defense team appealed the court’s decision the same day. [2] [4]

In August 2016, the victim, Daniel Olsen Chen, posted a video about the incident. He has said he is slowly working on fixing the trashed collection – but has asserted it will probably take him the rest of his life to complete. [5] [3]

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