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Pouya (rapper)

Pouya (rapper)

Pouya is a rapper who originates from Miami, Florida. He has over 222,000 followers on SoundCloud, 200,000 followers on Twitter, and 157,000 followers on Instagram. [undefined] [undefined]


Pouya spitting fire

Pouya spitting fire

Pouya grew up around Miami.

He has stated that he suffers from Panic attacks and Anxiety, and would see a therapist to help deal with it. [undefined] He was prescribed Lexapro and when he stopped taking it on tour he experienced withdrawals. Pouya says that he feels most at peace in the studio and performing live. [undefined]

Pouya has been best friends with Fat Nick for most of his life. They dropped out of high school together and Pouya became a bus boy while Fat Nick began selling weed and lean. Pouya hated his job as a busboy and quit after a year. At that point in his life, he was living with Fat Nick and his mom and was sleeping on their couch. Not satisfied with his life, Pouya decided to make a change and "get money." Pouya and Fat Nick started off doing comedy skits on YouTube but later they both turned to rap. [undefined]

Pouya came to prominence with fellow South Florida rapper Robb Bank$ in 2013. [undefined] He goes by the nickname Baby Bone as a reference to his influence, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Pouya has dropped four mixtapes and released his debut full-length album Underground Underdog in late April 2016 and reached #2 on the iTunes Top Hip Hop Albums. [undefined] Pouya has collaborated with other artists including Fat Nick, Getter, and $uicideboy$. [undefined]

Pouya has been in a relationship with Young Coco for several years now. [undefined]


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