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PKV Games

PKV Games

PKV Games MU[1] is the official Indonesian platform that provides download links for Pkv games apk for all android & iOS mobile devices. It is one of the most trusted Pkv agent login sites for Pkv games in Indonesia.[2] The website also provides the latest news updates on pkvgames and support services for all pkv game players.


PKV Games is an online card game application based on Android, iOS, and PC which is very popular in Indonesia. This game application has servers in Southeast Asia that began in 2012.[3] At the beginning of the launch of this application, there were only a few games.

At the end of 2015 PKV Games reached its peak of popularity in Indonesia, which has the fourth-largest population in the world.[4] Since then the name pkv has been known as the best online card application in Indonesia.

Afterward, PKV Games continued to release new games regularly.

Now there are nine different card games in the pkv application.

The owners then opened a representative office as well as the official Indonesian pkvgames website to help pkv games fans in administrative matters. [5]

Games available on PKV

The following card games can be played using the Pkv application.

These games are offered as real-time multiplayer online player vs player system.

  • Poker

  • Bandar Poker

  • AduQ

  • BandarQ

  • Capsa Susun

  • Domino99

  • Sakong

  • Bandar66

  • Perang Baccarat


Initially, this game could only be played using a special application that had to be downloaded separately for android & iOS devices.[6] But now pkv players can play and enjoy all the games offered using just one application. Pkv games can also be played without using the application, namely using a browser that supports HTML5 technology.[7]

However, in order to enjoy this game as a whole, it is advised that users play it using the PKV application, especially while playing via mobile phone. The website also provides the latest news & updates on pkvgames to ensure the best gaming experience for its players.


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