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Phillip Sanders Music

Phillip Sanders Music

Phillip Sanders is an American country music artist and songwriter. Born on (November 9, 1973) Lake City, Florida. Mr. Sanders currently resides in Texas, and is also an Oil & Gas and Commerical investment entrepreneur. He decided to pursue his dreams of being a country music artist and songwriter in 2016. In 2017 he wrote "Never Thought I Could Change" featuring Curt Ryle.[2] In 2018 he wrote and released" his first single "With Her I'am"[3] which hit # 10 on the Joyce Ramgatie European top 40's singles country music charts, and landed him at #35 on Joyce Ramgatie Top 200 European Country Music Artist charts.. Mr. Sanders single "I Don't Think I Will"[4] was released by Mr. Sanders in 2019, which has hit the Joyce Ramgatie European Country Music Top 40's singles chart twice 15-21 March of 2019, and the 15-21 of April 2019. Mr. Sanders has also been on the Top 200 European Country Music Charts, the first week of March 2019 at the #88, and week 15-21 of April 2019 at #88 on August 26, 2019 Mr, Sanders released " I Don't Think I Will" to the SoundClick Country Music Charts, and it hit # 3 on Traditional Country and # 21 on all sub genres, the song was written by Doug Johnson (record producer). [1]

"I Don't Think I Will" was recorded and orginally released by James Bonamy an American country music artist in the mid 1990's which peaked the Billboards at #2 (now Hot Country Songs). Mr. Phillip Sanders obtained an mechanical license to redo the song again after over 20 years from it's first release. On August 1, 2019 Mr. Sanders most recent release is "Another You" a music video and the song was release by Mr. Sanders on August 1, 2019. The song was written by Brad Paisley and orginally recorded and released by David Kersh " Another You"[15]

Another You (David Kersh song) was recorded in 1996, and released on January 13, 1997 and the song hit #3 on the billboard " Hot Country" singles & tracks and charted at #14 on the Canadian RPM Country charts. However, there was never a music video released on this song. On August 1, 2019 Mr. Sanders released this song again with a music video. Mr. Sanders obtained a mechanical license to remake the music, and release this song again. On August 26, 2019 Mr. Sanders released a song he wrote " We Do That In The Country" [16] Also in 2019 Mr. Sanders wrote "You Will Always Be My Cinderella" ft. Lonnie Spiker[13]

Mr. Sanders is currently # 1 on Artist Direct top 100 trending weekly artist, and has held the #1 spot 11 weeks before July 10, 2019 to August 14, 2019.

The week of March 1-7th Mr. Sanders hit the Joyce Ramgatie top 200 European charts at the #88.

Then again in March 15-21, 2019 he hit #32 on the top 40 Joyce Ramgatie European singles chart with his single release of "I Don't Think I Will" he twin charted at #67 on the top 200 European artist chart for the same week.

As of August 27, 2019 Mr. Sanders is #1 on the SoundClick country music charts in two categories, traditional country music and all sub genres.

Mr. Sanders has also had, other #1's on the SoundClick all sub genres charts since " I Don't Think I Will" with his two newest singles " We Do That In The Country" and " Another You" both hit #1.

His single " Another You" has had over 105,000 streams on SoundCloud, and the music video has had over 192,000 views on his VEVO channel.

"Another You" was a featured video on Hot Country TV during the October 7, 2019 edition.

Mr. Sanders again hit the Joyce Ramgatie Top 200 Artist, and Top 40's single charts, with the song he wrote "We Do That In The Country"[16]

Mr. Sanders European Top 40's single "I Don't Think I Will" was added to the Texas Country Music Association Best Texas Country Picks Volume #3[20] Mr. Sanders released What I Didn't Do[18] on Feburary 2, 2020. This song was orginially released on December 15, 1984 by Steve Wariner .

New music was created, and a video was shot and released by Mr. Sanders on Feburary 2, 2020.

On August 6, 2020 Mr. Sanders released another single " Over A Beer" [21]

There was a recent article published about Mr. Sanders song "Over A Beer" [23]

On November 20, 2020 Mr. Sanders released another single, " Drink You Down"[22]

Mr. Phillip Sanders is the son of traditional country music songwriter Charles R. Sanders who wrote "Behind The Teardrops", featuring Curt Ryle that also hit the Joyce Ramgatie European top 40's single charts on the week of February 22-28, 2019 at # 11, and again in March the week of the 15-21, 2019 at #4 on the top 40's single European country music charts.

Curt Ryle is a songwriter,musician, and record producer.

He has had success songwriting such songs as Billy Ray Cyrus " Storm In The Heartland", and George Jones " The Real McCoy".

He also wrote several songs for Clinton Gregory's " Master Of Illusion" and "Dying One Shot At A Time" He has also wrote or produced songs for Pam and Mell Tills.

Mr. Ryle released his own 1999 debut " Life Time Guarantee.

Mr. Phillip Sanders has other family members that are also in the music industry.

Going back to The Lovett Brothers gospel group, and most recent a distant forth generation cousin American country music artist Adam Sanders, and Scotty Sanders a steel guitarist who is also a distant uncle from his dad side of the family Charles R. Sanders. Back in the 1960's Phillip Sanders, father Charles R. Sanders played occasionally with the legendary American bluegrass fiddler Robert Russell" Chubby Wise in White Springs, Florida. The Turner family bought land from the Wise Family, which was later sold to Charles R. Sanders mother Onys Sanders and father William Sanders where he was raised.


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