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Phillip Dettmer is the founder and CEO of the YouTube channel, Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell." [4] He is also an accomplished member of the film community, as a producer, director, writer, art director, and actor. [1]


Dettmer studied at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. He received a Bachelor's of the Arts degree in 2013. [2]


Early Beginnings

In June 2010, Dettmer became the founder of Philipp Dettmer Information Design, located in Munich, where he worked until September 2013. The company's slogan was, "Information Design with Love."

During his time founding Philipp Detmmer Information Design, he was also an information designer at Selbstandig who operated as lead designer and art director. He maintained both of these posts until August 2013, when he started Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. [2]

Kurzgesagt - In a Nushell

Dettmer's goal by creating this channel was to educate through information design. He believed this made concepts easy and accessible when presented in a short, understandable edu-film or perhaps an infographic.

All information can be presented in a way that everyone understands. Regardless of prior knowledge. -Philipp Dettmer

What Kurzgesagt prides itself on is making complicated topics easy to understand, while still keeping it as accurate as possible. It is one biggest science YouTube channels in the world, with currently 5.9 million subscribers and 2-5 million average views per video. [3]

Film Career

In addition to be a founder of one of the most popular educational YouTube channels, Dettmer also has many accolades relating to film and the arts.

He has received credit for his roles as an actor, producer, director and art director for various films, including:

  • Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell: Creative Director
  • Die Arbeit kann warten, jetzt kummern wir uns erstmal um die Backstreet Boys: 2015: Producer, Director, Writer
  • Nightsession: 2015:Producer, Director, Writer
  • Summer Break: 2015: Producer
  • Revolution: 2014: Producer
  • Claudiu & the Fish: Producer
  • Schnick Schnack Schnuck: 2013: Producer, Director, Writer, Actor
  • Lovelab: 2011: Producer
  • Mystery Cache: 2011: Producer, Director, Writer
  • A Day in the Life of Gabriel R.: 2011: Producer, Director Writer
  • Camera obscura :2011: A ssociate P roducer
  • Brief an einen Freund: 2009: Producer
  • Wallets: 2007: Producer

Awards & Accomplishments

In 2013, Philipp was nominated for and won the Biberach Film Festival's award for "Best Debut" for his role on the film, "Mystery Cache". [6]

In 2016, Detmerr was again nominated, this time for the European Civis Online Media Prize - Web Videos. The nominate episode was titled, "European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained"

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