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Peter Montoya

Peter Montoya

At just 40 years old, Peter Montoya is already a seasoned Financial Services veteran with over 12 years experience in the industry.

Since launching his Advertising Agency in 1997 he has delivered over 1,200 presentations to Financial Advisors all over the country, developed more than 5,000 custom marketing plans, authored 3 best-selling books and is the father of two children…and he just logged his 1 millionth mile with United Airlines. Nevertheless, Peter manages to travel more than 120 days each year to meet with his clients, their Broker/Dealers, conduct seminars and deliver presentations.

He is passionate about the success of his clients.

To this end, he recently introduced the ultimate advertising compliance solution, “MarketingLibrary.net,” which is revolutionizing the way Financial Advisors interact with their compliance officers, including the benefit of compliance pre-approval.

Just one more way Peter is working to transform the way we do business.

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