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Peter Jean-Marie

Peter Jean-Marie

Peter Jean-Marie logo

Peter Jean-Marie logo

Peter Jean-Marie (born 26 June 1996) is an American former model turned fashion designer and CEO of his self-named clothing brand. [1] [6]Jean-Marie has been described by Jodi Pree of Coastal Breeze News as a "Millenial Mogul in the Making", which has become a nickname used after the launch of his first venture in 2018. His first video advert on Facebook has received over 3,800 views.

Early Life & Education

Jean-Marie was born in Pompano Beach and raised in Naples, Florida. He attended St. John Neumann High School and Miami International University of Art & Design. While studying for a Bachelor's degree, Jean-Marie worked as an intern for Fabrice Tardieu, a shoe designer.


Jean-Marie began modelling when he was 16 and moved on to designing a range of blazers, marketed via social media. In 2016, he won a competition at the Miami International Mall by designing a dress made out of chocolate. In 2018 he launched a "Dream Big" campaign to manage his own business and "*offer luxurious products at an affordable price.” [5]*Jean-Marie's Dream Big campaign launched on 22-25 November 2018 at Coastland Center with a pop-up store selling luxurious, hand-made neckties from imported fabrics and a T-shirt giveaway. After the weekend, Jean-Marie commented *"*In the first two days, I autographed and gave away 100 signed boxes to my first 100 customers, made over $2,000 in sales, and completely sold out of one collection. This is a great beginning.” [7] His future plans include fashion ranges for men and women.


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