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Paul O'Neal aka Paull Oneal was a resident of Chicago, Illinois. He is originally from São Domingos, Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

Paul was outspoken against Donald Trump and shared a photo saying "Fuck Donald Trump" from a performance by rapper YG of his hit song "Fuck Donald Trump". [5]


On July 28, 2016 Paul O'Neal was fatally shot by Chicago Police Department officers after trying to flee a traffic stop in a stolen 1996-2006 model year Jaguar XK (X100) convertible in the South Shore neighborhood in South Side, Chicago. [2]

Body cam video footage of the shooting was released on August 5, 2016. [46]

The Chicago Police Department spokesman, Anthony Gugliemi, said that “departmental policies may have been violated by the officers (since shooting at moving vehicles is banned by the department)." [47]

The three officers involved in the shooting were fired and stripped of their badges. [47]

One of the officers complained about the shooting saying “Fucking desk duty for 30 days now. Motherfucker.” [46]

Three officers fired their weapons in an incident that left Paul O'Neal dead after police say he was in a stolen Jaguar that sideswiped a squad car and hit a parked car, injuring some officers about 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the 7400 block of South Merrill Avenue. [2]

As the officers got out of their car, Paul "put the vehicle in drive and literally forced his way out," First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said at the scene. The car sideswiped a squad car and also hit a car parked on the street, he said. [2]

Officers then fired their service weapons, according to police. One of the officers "continued to follow the fleeing offender" and he was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to a statement later released by the department. [2]

A 17-year-old boy who was also in the car was taken into police custody. [2]

Some officers suffered "injuries during the vehicle apprehension" and were taken to a hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening, the statement said. [2]

Police found that Paul O'Neal was unarmed and did not find any guns at the scene. [2]

The officers involved in the shooting, as well as assisting officers on scene, were wearing body cameras, Escalante said. In-car video is also available, he said. [2]

“This is going to be a very active investigation,” Escalante said. “It’s going to take a while to be able to view after downloading all the body camera footage as well as the in-car camera footage and whatever other video may be found during the canvass.” [2]


Many are criticizing the Chicago Police Department officers, for firing shots into a moving vehicle. The practice was also criticized in the police shooting of Pedro Villanueva who was fatally shot fleeing a traffic stop by the California Highway Patrol on July 3, 2016. [4]

In Febuary 2015, the Chicago Police Department changed its rules on use of deadly force, banning officers from shooting at moving vehicles if no other weapons were being used against police. The change came after the police involved shooting of Antwon Golatte, a man who was alleged to be involved in a illegal drug transaction. [3]

The practice is seen as dangerous in addition to being banned by Chicago Police Department it is also banned by the NYPD, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), San Francisco Police Department, and the Denver Police Department. [4]

Law enforcement experts say that many agencies ban officers from shooting at moving cars, even if drivers appear to be attempting to ram them because police service weapons are unlikely to stop a speeding vehicle. Also firing a barrage of rounds might only serve to increase the danger faced by officers and bystanders if the driver is shot and unable to control the car. [4]

The U.S Department of Justice has also advised police departments not to shoot at moving vehicles, even when a suspect is driving toward an officer. [4]

“First, it is difficult to shoot at a moving car with accuracy. Missed shots can hit bystanders or others in the vehicle. Second, if the driver is disabled by the shot, the vehicle may become unguided, making it potentially more dangerous.” [4]

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