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Paul D. Hunt is a United States -based Typeface designer, born in Arizona, who works for Adobe Systems. [4] Hunt is known for designing Adobe's first two free typefaces: Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro typefaces; as well as Adobe Gurumukhi, an Indic script. [1] [5]


Paul Hunt learned Spanish and Russian during junior high school. Hunt graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from Brigham Young University in Utah, US. [4]

Hunt is an alma mater of University of Reading, UK, and focused on Devanagari script. Hunt received Masters degree in 2008. [6]


Before he was hired at P22 type foundry as a font designer, Hunt joined the foundry as an intern in the winter of 2004. At P22, Hunt practised Greek and Cyrillic glyphs. [6] While interning, Hunt collaborated with Canadian typeface designer Jim Rimmer for a Canadian Aboriginal syllabics font. [6]

In 2009's modern Cyrillic competition, ParaType awarded Hunt with the Honor Diploma for the Excellence in Type Design for his typeface P22 Allyson, which was published by International House of Fonts in 2006. [2] [3]

In January 2009, Hunt joined Adobe as a font developer, focusing on non-Latin typeface development. [6] In 2012, Adobe Gurumukhi typeface was released, which was a collaboration between Paul Hunt and Vaibhav Singh. [1]

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