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Patrick Roland Hamilton is a former USA Swimming sanctioned swim coach and convicted child molester ​ residing in Bremerton, Washington. In February, 2018 he was convicted of second degree child molestation and was sentenced six days in jail along with one year of probation. [1]


Photo of Patrick Roland Martin swimming. [2]

Patrick Hamilton was the founder of Kitsap Swim Team in Kitsap County, Washington ​ which was sanctioned by sanctioned by USA Swimming ​ on April 1, 2017. The team had 10 swimmers on his team shortly before his arrest. [3]

Hamilton had previously worked as the head coach of the Olympic Aquatic Club in Silverdale, Washington ​, the South Snohomish County Dolphins in Mukilteo, Washington ​, and the Central Area Aquatic Team in Seattle ​. [5]

Hamilton also worked briefly as an age group coach at King Aquatic Club. King's coach and club CEO Sean Hutchison was accused in February, 2018 by champion swimmer Ariana Kukors of sexually abusing her when she was a teen. Hamilton and Hutchison were both connected to King in 2008. Hamilton moved on from King that year and Hutchison was just removed from the team’s website this week. [1] [5]


Patrick Hamilton was a student athlete ​ who competed on the varsity swim teams of the University of Washington ​ from 1990-1992 and Louisiana State University ​ from 1988-1990. [5] [3]

Criminal Record

Child Molestation

In February, 2018 Patrick Hamilton was convicted of second degree child molestation ​. In June, 2017 he had been charged after a 13-year-old girl told her parents he groped her during a  Kitsap Swim Team one-on-one practice. Hamilton said “I like touching your butt,” during the session, and local police said much of what the girl alleged was backed up by surveillance camera ​ footage. Hamilton originally pleaded not guilty to second degree child molestation, but later changed his plea, per the Washington courts website. [1] [3]

In February, 2018 Patrick Hamilton was sentenced to six days in jail along with a full year of probation. The sentence also includes ‘psycho-sexual evaluation/treatment’ and stipulates that Hamilton should have no ‘position of authority over minors including coaching.’ Sources say Hamilton’s sentence was part of a plea deal. USA Swimming has also banned him for life after his conviction. [1]


In October 2003, Patrick Hamilton was arrested by Seattle Police ​ conducting an undercover prostitution sting. Charged with patronizing a prostitute, Hamilton was allowed to enter a diversion program ​, where he was required to perform community service ​ in exchange for dismissing the charge. [3]

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