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PalmPay is a cryptocurrency point of sale app built by Agorise, Ltd. [1]


PalmPay's app allows merchants to easily accept cryptocurrencies from customers. The software is 100% free to use for merchants and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store. All that merchants need to start accepting cryptocurrency is the free app and an Android smartphone or tablet. Instead of charging fess to merchants, PalmPay charges a 0.5% fee to customers.[2]

PalmPay's eReceipts, and advanced export features enable simplified accounting and tax reporting for merchants. PalmPay's app can process transactions and send an eReceipt to customers in 3 seconds or less. [1]

To protect against cryptocurrency volatility, PalmPay instantly converts the cryptocurrency received by a merchant into stablecoins pegged to the merchant's local currency , such as bitEUR, bitUSD, bitJPY, bitKRW, bitRUB or even bitGold and bitSilver. [1]

PalmPay's software utilizes BitShares, a decentralized exchange (DEX). The Bitshares DEX allows users to move money between accounts, get loans, go public, pay bills, trade, and invest in other crypto assets. [1]

PalmPay offers merchants unlimited customer support through their PalmPay Ambassadors program. They offer free, local support in 104 different languages.

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