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Da’Monte Lyles (known by his stage name, Pacman Da Gunman, born July 28, 1991) is an American rapper currently signed to All Money In Records, an independent record label founded by Nipsey Hussle. [1] [2]


Photo of Pacman Da Gunman standing outside of a liquor store.

Born and raised in the state of California, he grew up on the West Side of Los Angeles in what used to be called South Central, in the Crenshaw District. [3] [4] He lived in the part of town where the the Rollin 60s got their start for most of his life. [5] He attended Horace Mann Middle School located near South Saint Andrews Place, a dangerous part of town. [6]

Lyles would eventually embrace the Crips as part of his family and lifestyle. [7] As his message in his song called "Do It For Da Hood I'ma Gangbanger" makes abundantly clear - being a Crip is a part of the life that he discusses in his songs. [8]

Rap Career

Gif from the music video for the song, "Do It For The Hood" By Pacman Da Gunman Ft. J. Stone, GI Joe.

Some time in the year 2010, he had a friend that introduced him to the realm of Hip hop during a process when Pacman was beginning to invest in the tools himself. He was invited to a studio where he was exposed to the creation and production process

of crafting a song. After the project, Pacman went to Guitar Center and purchased everything that he needed in order to make his own music without asking for too many favors. [9]

Style and Delivery

A characteristic in Pacman's delivery is the way in which he is able to unpack his flows by altering the rhyming schemes in his verses as a way to unravel the important themes in his lyrics. He uses such a form in one of his earliest songs, "Grind Mode" featuring Nipsey Hussle, in which the rhyming scheme in the first verse all follow the pattern with "Mode". [11] In the following next verses, he's going to alter the aforementioned rhyming scheme with pattern "Mode", with other patterns, as a way to continue enlacing the themes in his story about work ethic as a gangbanger and artist. [12]

Youtube Video
Pacman Da Gunman - Money, Power, Gold (Official Video).


Since engaging in the world of hip hop as a rapper, Pacman has shown his dedication to his lyrics as they appear to be thoughtfully structured in each verse to tell a story in each song. [13]


  • 2017: Optimistic 2

  • 2016: Optimistic

  • 2016: PlayBall 5

  • 2014: PlayBall 4

  • 2013: Playball 3

  • 2013: FastBall

  • 2013: PlayBall “2nd Base”

Youtube Video
Pacman Da Gunman | Exclusive Channel Interview.

Personal Life

Pacman believes that the hip hop game is "Watered Down right now, the state of the game. It aint no real hip hop" and that he doesn't really listen to the radio anymore as there doesn't appear to be any songs that can help him get through his days. He also does not understand what the rappers are talking about. [14]

Pacman puts himself in the first person in most of his songs in order to artistically emphasize real life events that have happened in his life. [15]

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