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Owen Shroyer is an American ​ conservative, and field reporter including guest spots, for Info Wars ​. [1] [2] ​ He is married to the amazing beautiful Autumn Klein.


Early Life

Owen was born and raised in the the city of St. Louis. As a teenager attending Christian Brothers College High School ​, he started getting into Videography ​ and experimentation with Media. [3 ]


After graduating from high school, he attended Missouri University ​. He studied Psychology ​ and Media ​. He covered mostly sports. [4]


After college, he began to have an interest in politics after the Boston Marathon bombing ​ event. [5]

Donald Trump

Owen became and avid Trump supporter during his presidential run in 2016. He became known after filming many of the Trump rallies. In one particular video, an infamous encounter with two anti-Trump individuals who challenged Owen's arguments went viral. The individuals were nicknamed Carl the Cuck ​ and AIDS Skrillex (Ben Teter). [6]

Info Wars

After spending much time out in the field recording rallies and engaging with the right wing political spectrum, he became a new member of the media team in late August, 2016. From then on he has been covering the Right Wing take on the Trump administration. [7]


In a DACA ​ rally that took place at a University somewhere in Washington DC ​ on September 5th, 2017, he confronted two young college girls about white nationalism. He proceeded to coerce one of the girls to answer an interminable question concerning the literal meaning of the word, " Nazi "​. After continuing to unreasonably dispute the girl's argument, one of the girls walks off crying away, while the other remains. [8]


Owen has said the following about being a correspondent either for himself or when he's doing work for Info Wars ​:

The reason why they call me The Cuck Destroyer is because I face these people en masse, and I make them look like total cucks.

It’s sad because that’s not what I want. I get along with most people, to be honest. It’s sad we’re so polarized by politics, but it’s the nature of the beast.

When I go into the streets and I talk to people, I’m a man. I have facts, I have points, I back myself up. I’m not afraid either. I’m not gonna back down because people are trying to intimidate me. I think that’s how that nickname came about. [9]

The Defeat of The Cuck Destroyer

On September 2nd, 2017, while doing coverage for InfoWars ​, Owen ceaselessly harassed people with questions in attempt to trigger the marchers from a pro-immigrant rally that took place in Austin, Texas ​. [10]

As Owen walked around looking for people to trigger and to "Cuck" by using his, "I have Facts, I have points, I back myself up... I'm a man", technique, he stumbled onto a little girl who challenged him. Owen walked up to her and (perhaps misidentifying her as a “young man”) tried to have a "conversation" with her until she broke up any chance of having one when she says to him: “Um, you’re a fucking idiot,” the child said to Owen. When asked, “Who taught you that language,” the rapscallion replied, “My mother.” [11] [12]

People on Social media ​ took the side of the little girl with people spreading the news that Owen, The Cuck Slayer, has been finally defeated. Owen then took to Info Wars to offer a response to the matter, he of course, denies losing, and calls the girl a "vitriolic, petulant child", with many people turning that around on Owen for his actions. [13]

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