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Oliver Francis

Oliver Francis

Oliver Francis (born June 12, 1992) is an American rapper from Columbia, Missouri. Utilizing the internet and platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud, Oliver has garnered a dedicated following and a number of 1 million+ streamed songs. As of November 2019, Oliver had over 186,000 subscribers on YouTube. Some of his most famous songs to date include "AAYEAHH", "wwaavvyy", "yeenreally", and "polo socks".


Early Life

In the cut

In the cut

Oliver grew up in Columbia, a college town in the middle of the state.

He was well-off for most of his childhood and went to a non-denominational church.

Both of his parents were played music.

Some of his earliest interests remembers being into skateboarding and punk rock at a young age.

When Oliver was 14, his parents went bankrupt in the sub-prime mortgage crisis, which changed his circumstances drastically.

In high school, Oliver had two groups of friends, one who were nerdy and played role playing games and another group who was popular, he considered himself in the middle.

Oliver's favorite punk rock band is Green Day; they inspired him to learn how to play guitar and get into music. [1]

Music Career

Oliver used to remix songs with Fruity Loops and released them on his SoundCloud.

He would occasionally release rap songs on his first SoundCloud, but would delete them out of anxiousness. He was in a band at first, but his band-mates did not have the same work ethic as him.After getting positive feedback for his tracks, he decided to rap more. The songs that he would remix on Fruity Loops would become the instrumentals to his tracks. [1]

Oliver has had an on and off girlfriend for a substantial portion of his life and he considers her to be a huge factor in her success.

During one instance of them getting back together, she made an ultimatum for him to quit working as a janitor and get a "real" job. He complied, and the thousand dollars a week he made from it he would invest back into his music career. Every Sunday he would film a music video and at one point made an entire mixtape with his girl sleeping next to him. Oliver credits music videos for making him stand out. Oliver first started releasing music videos in 2015. At first, he only had 3,000 views but gained massive traction over the next few years. [1] Oliver has had no cosigns and barely any features. He has a dedicated fan base and has an engaging relationship with his fans. Oliver calls his crew the cloudboys. [1]

Oliver considers Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Curren$y as influences. When he first started rapping his lyrical content was about gang-banging but he changed his lyrics overtime to more reflect his life. Oliver invested in fashion for his career and started wearing Supreme. He has three different SoundCloud accounts.


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