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Olive Allen is a Russian-American technology entrepreneur and visual artist based in New York City​. She is the founder and CEO of Decadent, a blockchain​-based marketplace for virtual goods​. [2]


Olive with an owl

Allen received her BA from The British Higher School of Art and Design and later started her master’s at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation​​ but took time off to focus on her artistic career. [3]


Olive Allen has always been fascinated by technology and the ways it shapes our society. [4] ​ In her works she explored artificial intelligence​ and Singularity​ from a technological and existential point of view. [3] ​ She purchased her first Bitcoin​ in 2013 and became actively involved in the community after she saw a clear way to create a product that would not only positively impact art and gaming industries but also aid Blockchain's mass adoption. [2]

Olive currently works full-time on Decadent platform.[7] ​ Her ultimate goal is to create new ways for experiencing art and culture, build a bridge between real and virtual worlds​ as well as get more people aware of the potential of blockchain technology. [2]

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