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Odd Thomas (rapper)

Odd Thomas (rapper)

Thomas J.Terry, also known as Odd Thomas, is a producer, songwriter, and rapper.He's on the Humble Beast label which he co-founded with his partner Braille.He's a member of the Beautiful Eulogy group alongside rapper Braille and producer Courtland Urban.[0]

Personal Life

Terry was born in Portland, Oregon to a somewhat dysfunctional family.He found that music was an excellent excape for him, though he almost abandoned hip-hop when the church he attended spoke ill of it.His earliest musical influences were artists like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.Thomas lives with his wife, Heather, and their two children, Tobin and Kuyper.He also serves as an elder at Trinity Church Portland.[1]


Odd Thomas is a spoken word artist that uses his platform to exalt the Lord.He founded Humble Beast with his partner Bryan Winchester as a discipleship mechanism.A way to spread the word of the Lord and promote young artists to help them achieve their dreams and stay true in their Christian walk.When asked why he would spent so much time working on a project with Beautiful Eulogy and give it away for free, Thomas replied: [2][4]

"We want people to hear the gospel.We want people to be transformed by the gospel.We want to accentuate radical generosity in the same way that Jesus was radically generous, gave his life, really.We want to model the same thing.We don’t want to hinder the furthering of God’s gospel by charging people for it."

Odd Thomas read the Romans section of the Bible on a Streetlights Bible audiotape.[3]

Business Ventures

In 2015 Thomas announced the launch of Left Roasters, a coffee division of Humble Beast records.Since Humble Beast is a non-profit, Terry had to get imaginative to keep the lights on.He chose coffee as an easy way for listeners to buy something they use often and support the band at the same time.Thomas thought of it as an easy leap since they Humble Beast was already multi-tasking so intensely.Making music, marketing, writing copy, doing photo shoots, editing videos, mixing, mastering and designing records, and so much more.[5]


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