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Bowen Sanderson, better known as NXSTY, is a Canadian DJ and electronic music producer based in Vancouver. [2] He known for his style of trap and bass music. [5] Some of Sanderson's most popular songs include "TERRA", "MENTAL", and "Swisher" and his remixes of Billboard charting songs such as "KIKA" and "Sicko Mode." [1] In the past, Sanderson has released music under Dim Mak Records. [6]


NXSTY performing live

Sanderson grew up in British Columbia and he credits the West Coast for influencing his music. He has been involved in dance and music since a young age. He started breakdancing at the age of six and continued doing so until he was fourteen when he started producing. Sanderson was always intrigued by music and was attracted especially to the sound of the San Francisco Bay Area. [5]

Sanderson originally started making hip-hop beats but would later transition to create more trap and bass music later on. He was inspired by CAKED UP at the time the transition was happening and would mold his own sound. Sanderson has collaborated with artists such as Bailo, Holly, Krishchvn, UNKWN, Blush, Badrapper, K-NINE, and more. [6] In August 2018, Sanderson made SoundCloud's "New and Hot Chart" for two weeks in a row. [6]

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