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Nikil Viswanathan (AKA The Nikilster) is an American entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He is the co-founder of the popular social hangout app, Down To Lunch. [1]


Nikil attended Lubbock High School where he was valedictorian and graduated with the highest GPA in the history of the school. He went on to earn his Master's from Stanford University, studying computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. [2]


While Nikil was at Stanford University he participated in several high profile internships. As a program manager intern for the exchange server team at Microsoft he designed, built, and tested the first integration of Outlook calendar and Facebook. His next internship was with Google where he spent a few months as a product manager intern for the search query monetization team. He also spent a few months as a product manager intern at Facebook where he designed, built, and gave a demo of the first ever prototype of video calling over Facebook Messenger. [2]

During a winter break he developed a campus events platform called Fountainhop that powered several events on campus, such as Stanford Admit Weekend, Parents Weekend, Residential Dining and Education, and more. The company grew to serve students at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley and colleges around the country. Nikil the offered his services as a teaching assistant for six courses at Stanford where he personally taught more than 5 lectures for computer science classes greater than 150 students. In 2012 Nikil completely revamped rebuilt Starnik System's entire engineering infrastructure in only a couple weeks.[2]

In 2016 Nikil had a coding session with his friend Joseph Lau and together they pumped out a simple social hangout app called Down To Lunch. It quickly went viral and was featured in Forbes, The New York Times, and other media outlets. In August of 2017 Nikil became the co-founder and CEO of Alchemy, a leading blockchain development platform. [3] [4]

While visiting his sister at Wharton, Nikil slapped together a quick app that automatically checked him into his Southwest Airlines flight. Over 10,000 people were on the site in less than a week, unfortunately Southwest Airlines sent a cease and desist, so Nikil had to shut the app down.

Personal Life

Nikil was born in Lubbock, Texas. He was an Eagle Scout and high school Valedictorian. Nikil is a fan of optimizing his time and enjoys programming for fun. Here is a list of projects he's hacked together for the heck of it: [5]

- He built an app called Life that tracks how much time he spends on different activities.
- He built an app called Homie that blasts a song when you enter your home.
- He built an app called Magic Wand that lets you turn off lights with a flick of the wrist
- He built an online quote board called ""
- He built an app that texts you short stand-up clips called ""
- He built an informative political app called ""
- He built an app called "" that posts the contents of your fridge for review
- He built a Slideshare analytics tool for class
- He built a wealth dashboard that was meant to be an simpler version of
- He built TheRealSFmap as a way to see which friends were nearby
- He built "", a site dedicated to the many faces of Jim Harbaugh
- He built "", a site dedicated to the many faces of David Shaw
- He built "", which is basically an homage to Zoolander
- He built Fireshark and won 1st prize at the Stanford hackathon in October 2011
- He built goal tracking app "Visualize"
- He built a birthday calendar app
- He built a collaborative education platform called "Learnit"


Nikil appeared in the Forbes 30 Under 30. He was also named one of the "100 Most Eligible Singles in America" and one of the top 3 most eligible bachelors in San Francisco by Hinge and Business Insider.

Youtube Video
Nikil talking about Alchemy

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