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Nikhil Malankar

Nikhil Malankar

Nikhil Malankar is an Entrepreneur, gamer, and YouTuber from Mumbai, India. At age 19 Nikhil co-founded GameEon, a game development company with his batchmate Prasad Kajarekar. The company is based out of Mumbai. Other than game development GameEon is also into game distribution. Nikhil served as the Chief Executive Officer of GameEon.

While his skills as a programmer ensured that he was running a successful gaming startup, Nikhil is also a social media personality.

He has an ever growing and strong presence on social media and is currently busy building a YouTube channel.

On his website Nikhil describes himself as a Traveler, among other things, and he is certainly living up to that moniker.

His latest trip was his first solo excursion to Europe where he visited and stayed in the beautiful cities of Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic.

In December, 2016, Nikhil announced about his exit from the role of CEO at GameEon to pursue other interests and ventures [19] and since then he founded a new company named Next Move Digital and is also working on a humor based website by the name "Tell Me Nothing".

Popular games

As a co-founder, CEO, and lead game developer, for the most part, of GameEon Nikhil helped create over 20 games for the PlayStore.

Some of the more popular ones among them are Cash or Crash: Getaway Drive, which is an arcade game, and Special Ops, which is a First Person Shooter.

Awards and recognitions:

  • Nikhil and his startup GameEon were among the winners at the Marathi Business Club (MBC)'s Yuva Udyojak Awards 2015 for young entrepreneurs.

  • Nikhil and his startup GameEon have been featured in publications such as the Times of India and YourStory.

  • Nikhil Malankar was covered by DNA India.

  • GameEon team covered on VMAX.

  • Nikhil Malankar's interview with Above Android.


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