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Nick Filchy is an entrepreneur who founded BangerBuddy, a college lifestyle brand with over 1 million followers on Instagram ​. [5] [6] ​ Filchy has been featured in BuzzFeed ​ and Future Sharks ​. [6] [2]


Early Life and Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Working on a rooftop alongside Sean Kelly

Filchy grew up in Monroe, New Jersey ​ and is the son of immigrant parents. He graduated from Monroe Township High School ​. [3] ​  When he was 15 years old, Filchy created the app Bangerbuddy. [2] ​ He spent $5,000 of his own life savings to build the app which he described as "poorly designed." [6] ​ Although the app did not work out, he pivoted to starting an Instagram ​ account for Bangerbuddy and marketed it as a college lifestyle brand. [6]

Initially, Filchy had 10,000 followers when he decided to monetize the account and, in two years time, he grew it to 1 million followers. [4]

Success and Expansion

Filchy's parents strongly encouraged him to go to college. He enrolled in Rutgers ​ for one semester, but Filchy felt that college was taking time away from his business and was not teaching him anything valuable. [2] [6] ​ At the dismay of his parents, Filchy dropped out of college to pursue Bangerbuddy full-time. [2] ​ One of Filchy's strongest motivations is to prove that one does not need a college education to be successful. [6] ​ Another motivation is keeping up with the competitive nature of social media ​ and e-commerce ​. [6]

Nick Filchy and Lil Pump

Bangerbuddy's revenue stream comes from ads, hosting parties, and e-commerce products. [5] ​ Filchy grows the Bangerbuddy Instagram following by cross-promoting with other accounts known as the "Shout for Shout" technique. [2]

In addition, Bangerbuddy hosts large-scale parties. [6] ​ Starting with house parties, Bangerbuddy soon moved to book events and have major guests arrive at the venue. [6] ​ The parties are located across the east coast and he plans to expand to Canada ​. [6]

He has collaborated with notable figures such as ASAP Ferg ​, Waka Flocka ​, Lil Pump ​, Ace Hood ​, Tory Lanez ​, French Montana ​, Famous Dex ​, $ki Mask the Slump God ​, and Kirill Was Here ​. [6]

Filchy networks through DMing people on Instagram ​ and being a member of Jetsmarter where he flies on private jets and meets like-minded people. [6]

In the future, Filchy aspires to help other entrepreneurs through advising and funding their projects. [2]

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